Why burn oil? Is it possible to buy such a car?

When it comes to engine oil burnout, many people think of a certain German car brand first, but they're not only ones. Many vehicles have some degree of engine oil burn problem, but some are more serious and some have not been recognized by us. Please note. So what is reason for burning oil? How to avoid it? Is it possible to buy such a machine?

What burns oil?

Because when engine is running, engine oil will flow into engine combustion chamber to participate in work, and it will flow back after normal participation, so total oil consumption per job can only be ignored when time or number of kilometers has elapsed, simply change oil later. However, situation with engine oil burning is different. Due to quality of oil or our driving habits, a large amount of carbon deposits are formed during engine operation. Seizure and poor operation. Thus, engine oil cannot be returned normally, and every time one job is done, a small amount of engine oil is consumed, resulting in an increase in engine oil consumption, which we often refer to as engine oil waste.

Why burn oil? Is it possible to buy such a car?

In addition to oil quality and driving style, many older cars that have been in use for a long time also have problem of engine oil burnout. It can be seen that engine oil burnout is actually a very common car problem, timely detection and timely treatment will return car to a relatively healthy state.

Why burn oil? Is it possible to buy such a car?

The reason why some German cars burn engine oil is because of unique design of engine: there are many grooves on engine cylinder wall, which makes engine oil easier to consume. In addition, compression ratio was increased to improve performance, which caused a higher temperature in engine compartment during work, and also caused some oil evaporation. So you can look at such a car dialectically. If you recognize its strength, you must accept its shortcomings. If you do not want to accept shortcomings, you do not need to resist too much.

Consequences of burning oil

So if you find that car is shaking more often than before, you can look at dipstick and check level of scale. If it is below minimum value and you have not reached service time, it is most likely eating oil. Also, if there is blue smoke coming out of your car's rear exhaust, it's most likely due to burning engine oil.

Why burn oil? Is it possible to buy such a car?

Therefore, if you find it, you need to decide in time. After engine oil burns out, carbon deposits will increase and it will vibrate while driving, and fuel consumption will also increase. Consequences, and even disposal.

How to avoid burning oil?

Since every car can burn oil, how can we avoid this while driving? First of all, remember terms of service, change oil to a better one in a 4S store or in a regular store, do not try to fill in a fake and low-quality product cheaply, this will have a very bad effect on car. In addition, you can clean throttle body and replace aging oil seal during maintenance, which will help alleviate shaking situation. Keeping oil circuit clean is also essential to avoid burning oil.

Why burn oil? Is it possible to buy such a car?

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In fact, burning engine oil is a very troublesome business, so in addition to paying attention to car maintenance, you can only "resign yourself to fate." We can chat in comments: Have you ever experienced an engine oil burning situation? like now?