Does it matter if a car's engine leaks oil, can it be started again?

As we all know, oil leaks from car engines are a particularly nasty thing. In fact, engine oil leaks are most common in German, American, and domestic vehicles. Whenever we open hood, we see that engine is full of soot, especially on valve cover, it is oily. Today I will tell you how to solve and prevent it.

Does it matter if a car's engine leaks oil, can it be started again?

What is cause of oil leakage from a car engine

There are many reasons for oil leakage in car engines, mainly in following situations:

1. Damaged oil pan gasket or loose screw causing oil to leak;

2. Oil pan oil drain plug gasket damaged, missing or loose and oil leaking;

3. Improper assembly of timing cover gasket, damaged or loose screws and oil leakage;

4. The engine base plate is deformed or gasket seal is loose and oil is leaking;

5. Valve cover gasket loose and leaking oil;

6. The crankshaft front oil seal is damaged and oil is leaking; 7. The crankshaft rear oil seal is damaged and oil is leaking;

8. The oil return thread on rear end of crankshaft is blocked by dirt and leaking oil. Oil leakage due to improper processing of oil return thread or misalignment between threaded neck and gland bore;

Secondly, an obvious oil leak from engine

The engine has an obvious oil leak, which can significantly affect engine oil consumption. The consequence of a lack of engine oil is severe engine wear. This is currently not possible. ignore it. The leak point is not difficult to find, and phenomenon of oil leakage is mainly due to aging of oil seals and O-rings, such as aging of front and rear crankshaft oil seals, oil pan O-rings, valve chamber O-rings. , etc., as in this situation, only one word, change! Where rubber seals are worn or damaged, they should be replaced, as a rule, this situation most often occurs on legitimate "mature" models with mileage from 60,000 to 150,000 kilometers.

Does it matter if a car's engine leaks oil, can it be started again?

Secondly, there is an inconspicuous isolated oil leak point at oil pan junction

This situation often occurs in non-old vehicles such as new vehicles or nearly new vehicles. This may be due to poor sealing of cylinder head gasket or deformation of cylinder head. The case does not need to replace liner, but it needs to be glued. If this happens to engine, care must also be taken to ensure that escaping oil cannot touch brake disc and belts. This type of oil leak is relatively rare, and it can also be caused by oil leakage due to poor sealing caused by an oil drain bolt that is too loose, combined with bumps and splashes.

Third, leakage is very small

Small leaks mostly occur in nearly new vehicles with less than 100,000 kilometers on them. It is even difficult to find, if not carefully observed. Sticks to engine surfaces. The sediment position often appears near oil pan, oil fill hole and exhaust valve, etc., and in many cases this sediment is caused by "unknown causes".

Does it matter if a car's engine leaks oil, can it be started again?

In such a situation, it is obvious that there is no need to worry too much. To find out problem, you should focus on observation. Most of them are maintenance free, but you should check oil scale regularly. Considering that when an engine leaks oil, biggest fear is that engine will be under-lubricated due to lack of oil, causing wear and tear, so it is very important to check oil level regularly. If it is difficult to find cause of unexplained carbon deposits on engine surface, you can choose a higher viscosity engine oil. Higher viscosity engine oil will have better self-tightness and reduce symptoms.

Fourthly, a serious oil leak

Most engines are prone to oil leakage, but oil leakage is relatively rare. If an oil leak occurs, this is a serious problem. An oil leak will certainly result in a significant loss of engine oil. The cause must be found immediately and eliminated. . Oil leakage is more related to a weak seal of each rubber O-ring, while oil leakage can be caused by a direct seal failure, such as a broken cylinder, or damage to related parts.

Does it matter if a car's engine leaks oil, can it be started again?

Overview of engine oil leakage: engine oil leakage is not a malfunction, oil leakage must be serious, do not be too allergic, and you should pay attention to inspection. The simplest criterion for judgment: if there is a lot of oil, then don't worry.

In case of oil leakage for a long time, it is recommended to take a professional repair shop for maintenance. Although this oil leakage will not affect operation of engine, it will consume oil in lubrication system (it must be oil in lubrication system), which degrades quality of oil in engine lubrication system. In long term, effect of lubrication system will deteriorate, which will eventually affect life of engine.