The last piece of blue ocean in the automotive aftermarket, if I can't catch it this time, I'll cry!

The last piece of blue ocean in the automotive aftermarket, if I can't catch it this time, I'll cry!

The last piece of blue ocean in automotive aftermarket, this time I can't catch it, I really want to cry!

From red to ocean blue: conquer aftermarket

The last exit of wealth

Don't wait, you'll miss out on latest blue ocean of wealth in automotive aftermarket

The last piece of blue ocean in automotive aftermarket. Spraying body will allow you to start gold absorption mode in 2018

The last piece of blue ocean in the automotive aftermarket, if I can't catch it this time, I'll cry!

How to increase competitiveness of store?

With a price? model? technologies? Serve?

In fact, every new idea is a new opportunity,

In automotive aftermarket, e.g. "quick body spray repair",

This is not a new project, but a new idea.

In a market with surplus resources, competition in Red Sea will only intensify,

Car wash, cosmetics and decoration have undergone significant market reshuffling

The last piece of blue ocean in the automotive aftermarket, if I can't catch it this time, I'll cry!

Will sheet metal spraying be next industry? I still don't know yet!

But for traditional maintenance projects, it was a serious red sea,

Only sheet metal spraying projects, such as small repairs, quick repairs and other small projects that market needs

Only by constantly replacing products, technologies and models can we make money

Become last blue ocean in industry and a straw to keep store profitable

The last piece of blue ocean in the automotive aftermarket, if I can't catch it this time, I'll cry!

Some people may ask if number of customer orders for "Steel Spray Fast Repair" can support cost and make money?

In fact, factors affecting profitability: first is norm of working hours. Currently, most of fees are determined depending on make of car. The second is market, which depends on technology, service, professional level, team and other store factors. Management methods, etc. The third is work efficiency. The profit model in sheet metal spray industry is actually very simple. The more you do, higher your income. The only way to solve problem of constantly rising fixed costs is to increase efficiency.

When it comes to efficiency gains, many store owners can feel a little underwhelmed. Because in fact, many auto repair shops have a weak one-shop population, small repair sites, and medium-sized daily maintenance vehicles are loaded, so they cannot deliver vehicles at promised time. And awareness of environmental protection is weak, which can harm environment and health of employees in process of vehicle maintenance. On other hand, many franchise stores do not have sufficient equipment to ensure perfect quality of repairs.

Small showcase, environmentally friendly, poor equipment. How to solve this problem?

From point of view of store itself, body sprays can be classified. There are both minor scratches and major repairs, but minor and minor repairs are more common. For example, most common dent repairs, scratch repairs, etc., such projects that car owners generally do not want to spend too much money, but rush to pick up car, are a real way for stores to raise money. in future.

Why do you say that a small project has a big future? Since this is future trend, in 2018 Yasen Beijing Exhibition Hall W2 will make every effort to create a series of "small industries, large projects" industrial exhibitions, and focus on bringing out previously scattered, haphazard and insufficiently comprehensive profitable small projects. Occupying space, low-cost body painting paint, small goods, etc. make it accessible to more terminal stores.

The last piece of blue ocean in the automotive aftermarket, if I can't catch it this time, I'll cry!

For example, following professional projects and products that will be on display at Yasen Beijing:

Shanghai Juxuan, positioned as a "car micro-repair", stands for car to come to store, spray it at your place, stay overnight, consume at a reasonable price, be convenient and efficient! What we do is small scratches, small sheet metal accidents, and technology used is light curing technology + EFI technology.

Guangzhou Yi Neng Precision Industry Co., Ltd. Positioned as an intelligent and environmentally friendly quick touch-up paint, no spray booth, no pollution, wherever there are scratches, it is recommended to wait 40 minutes. , and its local retouching paint has no joints and color differences. The industry-unique 15-Day Beauty Zero-Tech Retouching Ink Tutorial is an inter-age project that subverts traditional retouching ink. At same time, Eneng Seiko will launch a new equipment at Beijing Expo, automatic color correction equipment, which saves labor and eliminates need for labor.

Beijing Dinghao, positioning vehicle sag elimination technology, uses principle of leverage to eliminate sag of car body of different sizes and depths. The technical cost is main cost of technology, and there are several homogeneous projects. It is environmentally friendly. and green, time-saving and efficient. Project profit can reach 97%. And also provide a full range of training support.

Beijing Peteg, engaged in aluminum sheet metal dent repair, will be first domestic sheet metal dent repair equipment in 2018. external forces Small and medium dents on aluminum body sheet can be quickly repaired without painting, easy operation, short construction time, no need to paint, low carbon and environmentally friendly.

Beijing Senwan positioning local quick paint surface repair portable product baking lamp uses advanced technology and uses portable gas bottles as energy to generate infrared rays of a certain wavelength. Each baking process takes 1-3 minutes to dry. During use Without an external cable, one gas bottle lasts for 2.5 hours. It is very convenient to use and is an indispensable tool for quick repair of body spray.

In addition, there are Gubote car painting project, Qingdao prairie uneven repair equipment, etc. These are high-quality projects that can reduce workshop space while increasing service speed and improving store profitability. When you come to Yasen exhibition in Beijing, you see not only a product demonstration, but also a model of a market device.yli.Even if store is small, equipment is not good enough, and there is environmental protection supervision, we will always help you think of ways to make money.

What should market do with products, equipment and technologies?

At present, given needs of market, body spraying is a must-have project for car owners, but when it comes to moving from "beauty cleaning" to "beauty cleaning", should we also take part in body spraying. project? Are big projects easy to do, or do small projects make money? Will co-spraying on body have huge benefits in future? These questions are also development suggestions that need to be understood in order to perform well in body painting.

The "Second Sheet and Spray Industry Summit", which is held concurrently with Beijing Yasen, will answer industry's first question of "the latest blue ocean in automotive aftermarket and large layout of sheet and spray production". 2018. Starting from status quo in industry, learn about highlights of industry, such as solving operational difficulties and attracting customers in sheet coating, how to make products maintain good services, how to seek business cooperation with a sheet coating center. , and how to understand benefits of co-foliar spraying...

The last piece of blue ocean in the automotive aftermarket, if I can't catch it this time, I'll cry!

How can stores take advantage of this platform in 2018?

Don't miss opportunity. The auto parts market is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but much of it has turned into a red ocean. Only latest blue ocean of body sprays is your best chance to break through in 2018.

Advantage. When stores buy goods and equipment, many of them actually require technical training and technical advice. The high-quality manufacturers gathered at Beijing Yasen Exhibition will provide one-stop training services, and expect manufacturers to receive better service opportunities.

Platform borrowing. To succeed in automotive aftermarket in 2018 or beyond, you need to stay at forefront of market development and learn about products, technologies, marketing, management, training, models and policies. and other aspects. The platform that can provide these services comprehensively and efficiently is Yasen platform, which is the best development stimulator for millions of terminal stores in China.