Are you using internal and external circulation of car air conditioner correctly? | The common sense of safe driving

Are you using internal and external circulation of car air conditioner correctly? | The common sense of safe driving

Everyone who drives a car knows

The operating mode of a car air conditioner is divided into

Inner Loop and Outer Loop

Then these two modes

Where are they suitable for use?

Let's talk about it

Inner loop mode

1. In event of a blockage, be sure to turn on internal circulation mode of air conditioner. Since vehicle speed is low, distance between vehicles is close, and concentration of exhaust gases in air is high, using internal circulation mode at this time can effectively prevent exhaust gases from outside vehicle from entering vehicle.

2. When driving on windy sand and dusty weather, you should also turn on internal circulation mode. This will not only prevent outside dust from entering car interior, but also reduce impact of dust on air conditioner filter.

3. In summer, when air conditioner is turned on for cooling, internal circulation mode should also be used, so that cold air inside car cannot escape and hot air outside cannot enter, which not only reduces load on air conditioner, but also improves cooling effect.

Outer loop mode

1. When windows are closed, external circulation will help us a lot. Because in some situations it is not allowed to open windows for ventilation, for example, when car is moving at high speed. At this time, if external circulation mode of air conditioner is turned on, air conditioner filter element can filter outside air and let clean air into car.

2.When it is raining, using external circulation mode can effectively remove fogging from car windows.

3. Freshly bought new cars should also use external circulation mode more often, which will help release harmful gases and remove odors in car.

Internal and external circulation can be used flexibly

The use of internal and external circulation modes of car air conditioners is not static, we must judge according to actual situation.

Outdoors in summer and then inside: The car will emit harmful gases after exposure to sun, and car's interior temperature will be much higher than car's outside. external circulation is primarily beneficial for timely replacement of air in vehicle. The temperature in vehicle interior drops quickly, and internal circulation is turned on after outlet air temperature drops.

Switch to high-speed or long-distance driving: High-speed or long-distance driving, if you use internal circulation for a long time, air in car will become poor, so you should more oftenDo not switch between internal and external circulation in order to update internal air in car in time.