What is common sense of car maintenance?

I believe that everyone knows how to take care of their car after having serviced it many times. The following editor will tell you common sense about car maintenance.

Vehicle maintenance: water temperature warning light

If vehicle is operated at high temperatures for a long time, serious engine damage may result, requiring us to pay attention to water temperature gauge from time to time. Especially in summer, when weather is hot, which can easily lead to overheating of engine, so pay special attention to water temperature gauge in car. take car to side of road in time, stop and check if engine is boiling. cooling water, and then go to nearest service station for inspection and maintenance.

Vehicle maintenance: brake warning light

If brake warning light comes on during normal driving with handbrake released, get out of vehicle in time to check brake fluid level for leakage; There won't be too much brake fluid in an instant, but a brake fluid leak will cause brakes to fail, so you have to be very careful; if there is no shortage, you need to drive to a service station to check brake fluid level sensor or handbrake switch is faulty.