Common faults and methods of car maintenance

1. The steering wheel suddenly fell off.

If while driving you feel steering wheel suddenly sag, there is a distinct resistance when turning, and steering wheel cannot automatically return to center position after turning, it is likely that tire pressures on both sides of your front wheels are different, or there is problem with power boost system and power booster lubricating oil.

2. The braking distance becomes longer.

When you apply brake, if you find that speed of vehicle does not decrease quickly, you will not be able to stop for a short distance even if you apply brake. The vehicle's braking system may be faulty. The worst is driving. Provoking a traffic accident is easy, and it needs to be dealt with urgently. When this happens, first check to see if brake pads are aging, and then check to see if brake fluid has gone bad. If there are no problems, look at tire pattern to see if tire is aging.

3. The water tank is leaking

The engine requires not only oil, but also water, which constantly circulates to cool it. If water tank is leaking, stop it immediately. If you see water flowing from below, it could be from a tub or carafe. If clear water bubbles, water may have leaked out of glass, in which case you can still drive car. But if yellow, green, pink antifreeze leaks out, this proves that water tank is leaky and you need to wait until trailer supports it.

4. Headlights are not included.

Generally speaking, headlight failure is a fuse problem, most of which is caused by accidental contact. Just find fuse box in engine bay and replace fuse.

5. The red indicator on dashboard is on.

The red light on dashboard of a car usually refers to brake indicator and water temperature indicator.

The brake light comes on.

If brake lights suddenly come on while driving, brake pads are probably too thin, brake fluid is leaking, or brake fluid level is too low. This can affect braking performance and pose a serious safety hazard. In this case, stop immediately. First, watch for brake fluid dripping, and then find nearest service station.

The water temperature indicator lights up.

When water temperature is too high, indicator lights up automatically. If water temperature is too high, stop immediately, otherwise, in serious cases, base of cylinder will be washed out, causing water and oil to mix. In this case, it is assumed that engine will be repaired in a repair shop.

6. The car suddenly began to smoke

White smoke

If white smoke comes out of car, old driver came to conclusion that this may be due to dirtyAir filter intake and insufficient air supply. The carburetor is broken. EFI cars without carburetors can also be contaminated with an exhaust pipe oxygen sensor that cannot provide correct information to timing computer. In fact, white smoke is not a serious problem in vehicles, but should not be taken lightly. Time to check it out.

Blue smoke

If you feel that acceleration is weak, noise will increase, blue smoke will come out of exhaust pipe, a burning smell will appear. Cause: Mainly due to internal combustion engine failure and oil burnout. Whether inner wall of cylinder is scratched, or piston is poorly sealed, or valve is very worn ... On older cars, tightness of cylinder block, piston and other components should be checked frequently. Discovered, it must be repaired at a service station during maintenance to prevent large losses. Add right amount of oil, too much or too little is not recommended.

Blow out black smoke

When black smoke comes out of exhaust pipe, gasoline in car's engine usually burns out, which means that amount of gasoline in mixture in cylinder is higher than normal. This situation can be caused by incomplete combustion caused by low pressure in car's cylinders, problems or malfunctions in car's ignition system, low-quality gasoline, etc. The solution is simple. The problem of oil products is easily solved. Just change dressing. Non-professionals cannot cope with cylinder and ignition system. They can only go to a repair shop or a 4S store.

7. Oxidation, cracking, fading and water spots

Long-term outdoor parking, sunlight, dust, chewing gum, bird droppings, etc. will accelerate aging of paint surface. For many oxidized vehicles, you can see with naked eye that paint is black and yellow. The solution to this series of problems is very simple, i.e. car wash and waxing.

A car wash is designed not only to clean body, but also to protect paint. Gives a long-lasting shine to car paintwork. Waxing also has a more hidden function, which can effectively prevent rain, dust and ultraviolet damage to car paint, and surface of car body will become brighter and newer.

8. What to do if a tire bursts?

Like shoes on four legs of a car, they are always in tight contact with various complex things, so tires will always have various problems, and air leakage is one of them. Let's talk about how to deal with a flat tire:

If your vehicle is leaking due to being punctured with a sharp object, you can have your vehicle's tires fully inspected. If steering wheel is unstable, first park vehicle in a safe place and then check tires for air leaks.

If I miss carblows air due to incorrect driving mode, you can use driving method that pays attention to correct operation.

1. Maintain speed and avoid sharp and hard objects such as rocks on road.

2. When parking, try to stay away from curb so as not to scratch it.

3. If tire cannot be repaired, it should be replaced in time.

9. What to do if car's performance decreases?

If car's performance deteriorates, following methods can be used: change engine oil and oil filter every 5,000 km, and air filter and gasoline filter must be changed every 10,000 km, otherwise air, fuel, etc. And impurities in oil will cause wear of parts and blockage of oil circuit, which will affect normal operation of engine. To maintain car, regular maintenance.