Three minutes to understand a few common car maintenance faults

As for car, it actually has tens of thousands of parts. As age of car increases, various faults gradually appear in car, many of which are actually very common, and some of them require repair.

Next, I will briefly share with you a few common glitches in cars. In event of such problems, you can conduct a preliminary diagnosis and take timely measures.

1. Blue smoke from car exhaust

This situation is usually caused by engine burning oil: Oil vapor leaks into combustion chamber and co-burning mixture produces blue exhaust gas. In view of this situation, it may be caused by lubricating oil leakage from cylinder block channel and poor sealing of cylinder head gasket. It is recommended that you go to a 4S shop or an ordinary repair shop for inspection as soon as possible.

2. White smoke from under hood of a car

With gradual approach of summer, this malfunction will occur more often, so you need to pay special attention to it. Typically, this type of failure is due to coolant, which can be caused by a coolant leak, a blocked cooling tube, or a failed thermostat valve. It is recommended that you first park car in a cool place, turn off car, wait for coolant temperature to drop, and then open hood so that car can dissipate heat. time, go to a 4S workshop or an ordinary repair shop for service as soon as possible.

3. Battery dead, car won't start

There are many reasons why ignition cannot be started. If door does not open with remote key, it could be: Battery low. Some car owners forget to turn off electrical appliances or lights in car before parking at night, and car won't start next day, or car won't start for a long time. If battery is low, maintenance is not required. If there is a wire, you can start car with electricity. After starting, it is recommended to turn off electrical equipment (air conditioner or lights) in car and let engine run for a while Store electricity for battery, if there is no wire, you can call insurance company, 4S shop or repair shop for rescue.

4. The oil level indicator lights up

The red oil tank indicator is on. If it is not a sensor failure, it is usually no engine oil in engine as engine oil has a cooling and lubricating effect on engine. Continuing to drive with engine oil may etcThis will cause piston to hit cylinder block and vehicle will stall abruptly, which will not only affect driving safety but also increase maintenance costs. If you find this situation, you should pay attention to it and go to a 4S store or an ordinary repair shop for repair as soon as possible.