General knowledge of car maintenance, hurry up and learn it

In many cases, a great driver must not only have good driving skills, but also be able to troubleshoot some common vehicle problems. By learning how to fix some common faults, we can save a lot on repairs. So, what are common problems with ordinary cars and what are maintenance methods for common car problems? Let's see with editor below.

The steering wheel suddenly drops down

While driving, if you feel that steering wheel suddenly becomes heavy, there is a distinct resistance when turning in a direction, and steering wheel cannot automatically return to center position after turning, it is likely that tire pressure on both sides of your front wheels are different. It is also possible that there is a problem with booster system and booster lube oil.

Water tank is leaking

The engine needs not only oil, but also a constant circulation of water for cooling. If water tank is leaking, stop it immediately. If you see water leaking at bottom, it could be a water tank or carafe. If water is clear and bubbling, water may have leaked out of glass, in which case you can still drive. But if yellow, green or pink antifreeze leaks out, it proves that water tank is leaking and you need to wait for a tow truck to support it.

Oxidation, cracking, fading, water spots

The car is left outdoors for a long time, and exposure to sun, dust, tar, bird droppings, etc. will accelerate aging of paint surface. Many oxidized vehicles can be seen with naked eye, such as those painted black and yellow. This series of problems, that is, washing and waxing car, is solved very simply.

A car wash is not only to clean car body, but also to protect car's paintwork so that car's paint stays brighter. Waxing also has a more stealthy effect, which can effectively prevent rain, dust and UV damage. car paint. The surface of car body will be brighter and brighter like new.

What to do if a car tire leaks

Like shoes on four big feet of a car, tires are always in close contact with various complex things, so tires will always have various problems, and air leakage is one of them. how to deal with a flat tire:

If car is leaking due to penetration of a sharp object, a comprehensive tire inspection method can be applied. If steering wheel is unstable, first stop vehicle in a safe place, and then comprehensively check tire air loss situation.

If car is leaking due to wrong driving method, you can pay attention to correct driving method.

1. Master speed per hour and avoid sharp spots in timeobjects such as stones on road.

2. When parking, try to stay away from curb so as not to scratch it.

3. Tires should be replaced in time when repair is not possible.

What should I do if my car's performance slows down?

The following methods can be used when performance of vehicle is deteriorating: engine oil and oil filter should be changed every 5,000 km, and air and petrol filter should be changed every 10,000 km. Otherwise, impurities in air, fuel and engine oil cause wear and block oil circuit, which affects normal operation of engine. To maintain car, regular maintenance and repairs.

The engine temperature is afraid of high, but not low

If engine is frequently operated at low temperatures, this will result in reduced engine power, increased wear and increased fuel consumption.

Suggestion: Drive in accordance with normal temperature indicated in car's owner's manual to ensure life of engine.

When servicing a car, some small parts may be missing due to negligence, and some people even think that it does not matter whether they are installed or not, which is very dangerous and harmful.

Engine valve retainers must be installed in pairs, if they are missing, valve will go out of control and piston will be damaged;

Engine connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, cotter pins, lock screws, guard plates or spring washers mounted on drive shaft bolts, etc., if missing, can cause serious damage during operation.

Once oil nozzle used to lubricate gear in engine timing chamber fails, it will cause serious oil leakage and engine oil pressure will be too low; dust and other intrusions will aggravate wear of various parts.

The dry-type engine air filter paper element is highly hygroscopic. If it is contaminated with oil, a high concentration mixed gas is easily sucked into cylinder, resulting in insufficient air volume, increased fuel consumption and reduced engine power. Diesel engines can also cause "speeding".

If triangular band is contaminated with oil, it will accelerate its corrosion and aging, and at same time, it will slip easily, resulting in a decrease in transmission efficiency;

If brake pad, dry clutch friction disc, brake band, etc. coated with oil, they will slip easily and perform poorly, jeopardizing driving safety;

If starter and alternator carbon brush are contaminated with oil, starter power will be insufficient and alternator voltage will be too low due to poor contact.

Tire rubber is very sensitive to oil corrosion. Contact with oil softens or flakesrubber, and short-term contact may cause abnormal or even serious damage to tire.

If tire carcass is stored in a stack for a long time and not turned over in time, it will deform due to extrusion and affect service life; if paper filter element of air filter and fuel filter is compressed, it will produce more deformation and cannot reliably play role of a filter;

Rubber seals, triangular bands, oil lines, etc. must not be compressed, otherwise they will also be deformed and affect normal operation.