Basic knowledge of automotive engine design and maintenance

Hi everyone, today I will share with you a basic guide to assembling and maintaining a car engine. First of all, let's understand components of car.

1. Introduction: The car refers to a non-rail vehicle without wires, which is driven by an independent propulsion system and has 4 or more wheels, which can move alone and complete task of transportation.

1. General design of a car: A car consists of four important parts: engine, chassis, electrical equipment and body.

(1) Engine: The engine is vehicle's power plant and one of important components of vehicle. The engine converts thermal energy generated during combustion of fuel into mechanical energy and releases it to outside. Vehicle drive for external drive through a device on vehicle chassis. Currently, all general purpose automotive engines use reciprocating reciprocating internal combustion engines.

(2) Chassis: The chassis is backbone of vehicle. It receives power output of engine and controls movement of car according to actions of driver. It consists of transmission system, driving system, steering system and braking system.

(3) Electrical equipment: Vehicle electrical equipment refers to electrical equipment of vehicle and power supply of electrical equipment. It includes power supply, engine start system and ignition system, automotive lighting and signaling devices, etc. The growing electronic equipment, electronic control and artificial intelligence devices in automobiles also belong to field of electrical equipment.

(4).Body: The body is where driver works and loads cargo and passengers; cars and cars are one-piece bodies, truck bodies consist of cabs and compartments, and cars and some truck bodies also function as frames, is a load-bearing body.

That's all for today. Let's see following content about car classification and engine components.