Basic knowledge of car repair.

Basic car repair knowledge is actually not difficult at all. Car owners will know a little about car repair. Participation in vocational schools is limited. Today, editor will comprehensively popularize basic knowledge of car. repair for all motorists.

Basic knowledge of car repair.

Car Repair Skills

1. Check parts of car that are exposed to moisture, such as distributors, spark plugs, high voltage wires, etc. If these parts are wet, they can be dried before starting. If engine parts hidden in cover are damp, only a professional car repair company like Chechef can be found for service and repair.

2. Check vulnerable parts of car: for example, spark plugs, if spark plugs are damaged, you can only replace them with new spark plugs.

3. Check storage hardware to start car: The current car uses a starter motor to start, and core of this method is battery. Lights, wipers wipers, audio, etc. in vehicle consume battery power, resulting in insufficient battery voltage. If it's a voltage issue, you can try towing car, then shift into second gear, release clutch while driving up to a certain speed with your foot on clutch, and then try to start engine. If that still fails to start, that proves there's a problem with battery.

Engine stalls when car changes gears

1. Make sure that shifting operation is standardized and there is no error, because during maintenance of car driver's spirit will be in suspense, so first of all, you must make sure that your own shifting works correctly.

2. Check vehicle's idle speed. If idle speed is unstable, gear shifting will be affected. Therefore, adjust idle speed to normal speed, and remember to tighten idle shutoff valve. Insert it firmly.

3.Check oil/air separator. If idle speed is in normal stable range or gear is stalling, it is recommended to take a professional repair station to clean oil-air separator. delimiter.

The reasons for next three situations are more complex, and I won't describe them one by one here because you can't solve them yourself. What you can do is make strong decisions when faced with such situations and help find a professional repair station for your vehicle. These three situations include:

1. When driving car at high speed, steering wheel is unstable, shakes head and even shakes steering wheel

2. The steering of car is heavy

3. Check deflection while driving. As a general rule, while driving, straighten steering wheel, then release steering wheel and drive to see if car is moving in a straight line. If you are not walking in a straight line, you are going astray.