Some basic knowledge about car repair

Science popularizes some basic knowledge about car repair

When many car owners encounter problems or malfunctions in their vehicles, most of them go to repair shop for inspection and repair and hence spend a lot of money. In fact, basic knowledge of car repair is not difficult. Today, editor of Gansu North Technical School will promote knowledge of car repair.

Some basic knowledge about car repair

1. Difficult to start car

1. Check vulnerable parts of car: for example, spark plug, if spark plug is damaged, replace it with a new spark plug.

2. Check parts of car that are exposed to moisture, such as distributors, spark plugs, high voltage lines, etc. If they are wet, we can dry these parts before starting. If parts in engine compartment are wet, a professional bodyshop is required for service and repair.

3. Check battery to start car: car's lighting and sound equipment will consume battery power, resulting in insufficient battery voltage. clutch, release clutch, and then try to start engine. If it still won't start, this proves that problem is with battery.

Secondly, engine stalls when shifting gears

1. Check vehicle idle speed. An unstable idle speed will affect vehicle's gear shifting, so adjust idle speed to normal speed, but remember to tighten idle shut-off valve and insert plug firmly. .

2.Check oil-air separator. If idle speed is in normal stable range or gearbox stalls, it is recommended to clean oil-air separator.

In addition, I will focus on some problems that cannot be solved on our own, such as: steering wheel is unstable and shakes when car is moving at high speed, steering wheel of car is heavy; When faced with above problems, you should send your vehicle to a professional repair shop for inspection and service as soon as possible.