Car windshield repair method Is it useful after windshield repair?

At present, everyone's standard of living is better. After satisfying basic "food and clothing," they engage more in spiritual pursuits. Therefore, in their free time, everyone likes to travel, but when they are on road, there will inevitably be a little bit. In emergency situations, such as flying stones hitting windshield, there are slightest cracks, and in severe cases, broken. So what is solution to this situation? The next car editor will briefly tell your friends How to repair a car windshield!

Car windshield repair method Is it useful after windshield repair?

A step-by-step introduction to car windshield repair method

1. Use rubbing alcohol and glass cleaner to wipe area to be repaired, and then blow out any small pieces of glass to make damaged area smooth.

2. Use positioning stickers in repair tool, after position is pasted, drip glass repair liquid, do not squeeze too hard.

3. Then prepare syringe, pull syringe up, and then close hole at bottom of syringe for about 10 minutes until air bubbles are completely released. This is to ensure that there is no air in syringe broken place.

4. Re-insert syringe into bracket and this time press down on syringe to force repair fluid into broken crack. After a quarter of an hour, repair fluid can get into crack.

5. After time has elapsed, remove positioning sticker, replace it with a protective film and squeeze out air bubbles with a blade. Note that these resins require sun's UV rays to cure, not heat. Finally, just drive a car under sun for a quarter of an hour

6. Remove cured film after drying and scrape off remaining adhesive with a blade. In principle, cracks no larger than 2 cm can be repaired, and cost is only about 30 yuan, which saves money and is useful.

Car windshield repair method Is it useful after windshield repair?

Is this useful after windshield repair?

In many cases, windshield will inevitably be damaged. If it is a little serious, many car owners will decide to replace it. If it is not serious and does not affect line of sight, it will be natural. 2. As you know, if glass is damaged and cracked, crack will slowly spread farther and farther, and spread to environment. When it reaches a certain length, only choice is to replace glass. It will cost several thousand yuan to replace windshield. Moreover, sooner glass is repaired after breaking, better effect, otherwise after a long time foreign objects will get in, which will affect final effect of glass repair.

The principle of glass repair is to use resin glue, which has high transparency and no glue residue. The glue is injected from damaged part of glass, and after curing, glue is all right. First, use triangular tray bracket to fix position, then clean hole punched out by stone, then fix glue injector and inject glue, and then use vacuum pump to pump out air inside, so that glue can penetrate cracks better, wait another four to five minutes, heat inside of glass with a lighter, speed up flow rate of glue, and make it easier to penetrate glass cracks, and then use pump that evacuate to squeeze it. Press and then penetrate innermost part with more force. In short, when degree of vacuum and penetration reaches limit, glass repair will be perfect, exactly same as original car glass.

Car windshield repair method Is it useful after windshield repair?

Precautions after car windshield repair:

1. Better repair within 3 days

2. Do not touch water or dust after damage. Therefore, it is recommended to use a piece of transparent glue to seal damaged part, if water enters during construction, water removal steps will be added, which will increase repair time

3. If damage is wet, it is recommended to dry it naturally for about 10 hours before repairing, otherwise it will look like it has not been repaired after some time after water has dried. Repaired auto glass will no longer crack or shatter and will not cause any problems under normal use. The entire repair process takes about 30-50 minutes.

Car windshield repair method Is it useful after windshield repair?

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