Basic car care methods

At present, many families buy their own cars. After purchasing a car, there will be no travel restrictions. Just drive there, but during normal travel, vehicle will inevitably encounter some emergency situations, so what are easy ways to repair? car?

1. Check tightness of valve:

The tightness of valve and valve seat can be checked by exhaling smoke. Clean polished valves and insert them into valve guides in order, hold valves with your hand or a suitable tool, then puff smoke, blow smoke onto cleaned inlet and outlet pipes and plug them with your mouth. It is principle that Heqi nozzle does not leak. At same time, check if there is smoke between valve and valve seat, if there is no smoke, then valve is well sealed, otherwise it should be reground.

2. Tobacco can close leak:

If you encounter a water tank leak while driving, you can use ground tobacco to make an emergency. First, use hand-held pliers to smooth out radiator with large water leakage in water tank, then unscrew water tank cover, remove thermostat at same time, then crush crushed tobacco, put it into water tank from filling with water. port and finally start engine, respectively. Operate at low, medium and high speed so that ground tobacco is adsorbed on leaking part of main pipe of water tank. When water tank is found to be leaking and blocked, close filler cap and start driving. But it should be noted that this can only be used in emergency cases, and water tank should be cleaned with high pressure water, thoroughly brewed and repaired.

Basic car care methods

3. Soot can be used as an abrasive. Cigarette ash is best abrasive:

When repairing automobile carburetors, especially imported carburetors, triangular needle valve often wears out and is not easy to buy. By lapping valve seat, satisfactory results can be achieved.

Of course, if vehicle is in trouble, it's best to stop and call rescuers as soon as possible. Do not force yourself to cause more damage to vehicle.