What does car repair and maintenance include?

The most important thing in process of using a car is maintenance, it takes time to use and maintain car. We often hear about maintenance and repair, but do not know what maintenance and repair is. If we want to protect our car, we must know how to maintain our car. Here's what to look for in auto repair and maintenance.

What does repair and maintenance of a car include?

Car maintenance and repair

Car maintenance is mainly divided into three main elements: sheet metal painting, mechanical chain maintenance, and decoration beauty.

1. Metal sheet coating

Sheet metal painting is basically process of repairing surface of a car, painting is process of restoring original appearance of a car, and sheet metal painting is process of repairing surface of a damaged car.

2. Machine maintenance chain

Mechanical circuit repair is mainly designed to fix mechanical and electrical faults of car.

3. Decoration and beauty

"Beauty" in Western countries is called "car care" and has become a popular and professional service industry. This is a completely new concept of car care, which is significantly different from conventional washing and waxing.

Car maintenance

Automotive maintenance is preventive maintenance of checking, cleaning, refueling, lubricating, adjusting, or replacing certain parts of a vehicle over a period of time. Generally divided into daily maintenance and routine maintenance.

1. Daily Maintenance

Daily maintenance includes cleaning, fastening, inspection, restocking, etc.

2. Daily Maintenance

Daily maintenance is divided into minor and major.

Daily Maintenance

Minor maintenance generally refers to elements of scheduled maintenance to keep vehicle running for time or mileage specified by manufacturer after vehicle has been driven for a certain distance. Basically it is an oil and oil filter change.

Slight maintenance time depends on oil used and age or mileage of oil filter element. Different grades of mineral motor oil, semi-synthetic motor oil and synthetic motor oil have different expiration dates. Please refer to manufacturer's recommendations. Oil filters are generally divided into conventional and long-term oil filters. The traditional oil filter is replaced with oil, and long-life oil filter lasts longer.

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Overall maintenance refers to daily maintenance ofabout replacing engine oil and oil filter element, air filter element and gasoline filter element within time or mileage specified by manufacturer.

Major repairs are based on presence of minor repairs. As a rule, these two types of maintenance are carried out alternately. Due to different car brands, please refer to manufacturer's recommendations for details.