What are car engine maintenance skills

The car engine is device that powers car and is heart of car, determining power, economy, sustainability and environmental protection of car. Below are car engine repair skills provided for you by editor, hope they help you!

To analyze circuit principle, clarify general circuit and its connection, faced with an unfamiliar model and circuit, you often have to study on your own, analyze circuit principle, and even examine and draw necessary circuit diagrams. Therefore, maintenance of automotive electronic circuits will include circuit analysis techniques. First outside, then inside in turn - eliminate, and finally determine its technical condition Many electronic circuits on cars, for various reasons such as performance requirements and technical protection, often use non-removable packages, such as thick-film regulator packages, solid - sealed ignition circuits, etc. If a certain malfunction can affect its internal part, it is often difficult to judge, and it is necessary to first eliminate one by one from periphery and finally determine whether they are damaged. What are car engine maintenance skills

Please note that components can be replaced. For example, while electronic circuits on some imported vehicles can be disassembled, they often lack same type of discrete components to replace, so it is often necessary to attempt to replace them with domestic or other imported components. This suggests possibility of replacing components. It is not allowed to use "fire test" method to determine location and cause of fault. In terms of maintenance methods, for traditional automotive electrical failures, "fire test" method is often used to determine location and cause of fault one by one. Although this method is not very safe and reliable and has some detriment to battery, it is still possible with traditional maintenance method. This method is not allowed on imported vehicles equipped with electronic circuits.

Because "test by fire" results in overcurrent, it may cause unexpected damage to some circuits or components. Therefore, when repairing imported automotive electrical appliances, some devices and fixtures must be carried out according to certain methods.

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