Car engine maintenance skills

Car engine maintenance skills

1. Engine fuel supply system maintenance method. Before maintenance, battery ground wire should be removed to prevent damage to several parts, and battery polarity should not be reversed.

2. The fuel filter is a disposable part and cannot be cleaned.

3.Maintenance of electric fuel pump. In daily use of car, basically check working condition of fuel pump, turn on ignition (first power on), and carefully listen to sound of electronic fuel pump. fuel pump, this means that fuel pump is in good working condition; pump itself is damaged or problem is with related circuit. Develop a good habit when refueling: do not wait for fuel level indicator on gauge to light up before refueling. Do not continue driving after fuel indicator on gauge lights up (preferably add up to 90%).

4. When servicing fuel injector, first turn off fuel injector to turn off power. Then remove accessories and arrange fuel injectors according to order of cylinders. Then turn on power, open and close it, spray detergent on nozzle, then blow off detergent with high pressure gas and press it in turn.

5. When checking fuel injection performance of a fuel injector, it should be clear whether fuel injector is high resistance or low resistance: high resistance is typically 12-14 ohms, low resistance is typically 2-3 ohms. .