For what reason does car tank boil What to do if car tank boils

Have you ever experienced a situation where you found that water tank boiled while using car? At this time, some car owners panicked. Hope to be helpful.

For what reason does car tank boil What to do if car tank boils

【Introduction to phenomenon of car water tank boiling】

The water tank boils and water splashes out of water inlet, which is a common problem with engine cooling system.

The main reasons: firstly, temperature of water in engine is too high, and secondly, compressed gas in cylinder enters water tank. Vehicles are used in hot weather and rough road conditions and a little carelessness can easily cause water tank to boil and splash water. Overheating of engine will reduce inflation ratio, reduce incoming fresh mixed gas, reduce average effective cylinder pressure and reduce power, and cause abnormal knocking, knocking, impotence and black smoke, and even cause parts accidents.

【For what reason does car tank boil】

The reason why water tank boils and splashes is usually caused by following situations:

(1) Overheating:

The engine temperature is too high, cooling water in water tank boils, a large amount of water and air is thrown out of water inlet; when cooling, water does not splash, but water splashes when car is moving. hot; when motor speed changes, water spray phenomenon has no obvious changes. It is usually caused by lack of water in water tank, poor heat dissipation, broken shutters, damaged thermostat and not updating it in time, etc., which can easily lead to cylinder scoring and parts damage.

(2) Lock:

Poor cooling water circulation, blockage of center pipe of water tank, flattening of water pipe, etc. reduce overall cross-section of radiator heat pipe through water. During cycle, amount of water entering from cylinder block into upper water box of radiator is greater than amount of water entering cylinder body in lower water box, causing cooling water in upper water box of radiator, radiator turns up and water splashes when overflowing. gas pipe and throttle release. This malfunction is usually related to temperature of cooling water.

For what reason does car tank boil What to do if car tank boils

(3) Collusion between air and water:

That is, high pressure gas in engine combustion chamber enters waterway through cracks or gaps, and cooling water in engine waterway is under influence of this high pressure gas, so that amount of water entering upper water chamber of water tank through inlet pipe for water increases sharply, causing water tank to boil and water to splash. Water gas direction, water spraying, generally spray water first (after there is not enough water in cooling system), and then overheating occurs, and water spraying starts when engine is just started, and water temperature is very low, and temperature is sharp increases after there is not enough water in cooling system.

This malfunction is mainly caused by removal of cylinder head gasket, loose cylinder head bolts, or damage and cracks in cylinder head and cylinder liner. The sudden increase causes water to splatter.

[Troubleshooting Water Tank Boil]

If during operation of vehicle it is found that water tank is splashing out of water tank when accelerator pedal is pressed, root cause should be looked for in following parts:

(1) The radiator does not work properly: damaged cooling core tube is blocked during welding and repair, which reduces flow area and water outlet from upper water chamber.

(2) The radiator core tube is extruded and deformed, inner layer of radiator water supply hose is deresined, hose bore is reduced, water flow is blocked, water flow resistance is increased, and water outlet from upper water chamber is reduced.

(3) There is too much scale in radiator, core tube is blocked by silt, scale and impurities, and circulation water flow is uneven. The hydraulic resistance of water outlet in upper water chamber increases, and volume of water decreases.

(4) The cylinder head gasket is removed, cylinder liner is cracked, and high pressure gas is released into waterways.

(5) The water pump inlet pipe is too soft, water pump generates a vacuum, causing rubber pipe to be concave; The cross-sectional area of ​​the cooling water circulation decreases, temperature rises and water capacity of rubber hose decreases. The reduced part of cooling water is squeezed out of radiator water inlet and sprayed.

For what reason does car tank boil What to do if car tank boils

What to do if car tank boils

If engine water tank boils and water splashes, first check related components (such as lubricating oil, antifreeze, spark plug, ignition timing, etc.) and then further check cooling system. 1. Check if temperature of upper and lower water chambers of water tank is same. If one side is hot and other is cold, it can be diagnosed as a blockage inside water tank. Remove and clean if necessary. Check whether thermostat works normally and reliably, and if any abnormal phenomena are found, it should be repaired in accordance with specifications. Check technical condition of water pump. If there is any damage or leakage, water pump impeller cannot reach appropriate speed, resulting in poor water circulation. If there is too much scale on water jacket of an automobile engine, it should be cleaned with pressure water.

For what reason does car tank boil What to do if car tank boils

Water tank maintenance precautions

When water tank boils and splashes water, how to deal with it: first, immediately turn off fire to prevent piston from sticking to cylinder; avoid breaking cylinder. It should stop in time and idle for 5 minutes, then turn off engine and open hood so that it cools itself. Once cause is found, treat it appropriately and continue driving after problem has been corrected.

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