If you don't know general meaning of car air conditioners, don't say you know how to drive!

If you don't know general meaning of car air conditioners, don't say you know how to drive!

The use of car air conditioners is indispensable for car owners while driving. Proper use of car air conditioners helps not only save life of car, but also helps to maintain car. Using car air conditioners is good, if you don't know this common sense, don't say you know how to drive!

First, open windows and then turn on air conditioner. In hot summer, especially when your car is in sun for a certain period of time, temperature inside car is relatively high, at this time it is not recommended to immediately turn on air conditioner. It is recommended that you open car window first, and then turn on air conditioner after two to three minutes, this will not only release poisonous gas in car, but cold air from air conditioner will force hot air out. car windows, making cooling effect more significant.

Secondly, pay attention to temperature control of air conditioner in car. Everyone subconsciously lowers temperature of air conditioner while driving, thinking that it will be cooler, but if you stay in a low temperature for a long time, temperature difference between inside and outside car will be too large, which will lead to adverse effects such as endocrine disorders in body. The onset of symptoms is commonly known as air conditioning disease. It is recommended to set it at around 25 degrees Celsius, and it should not differ too much from outside temperature. Also, if temperature is set too low, it will increase fuel consumption and cost.

Third, pay attention to sequence of closing engine and air conditioner when leaving car. Traditional methods will cause great damage to air conditioner. If it goes on like this, air conditioner duct will be damaged and aging rate of compressor will accelerate. Therefore, editors advocate that car owners, when leaving car, do not rush to turn off engine, but first check whether air conditioner is turned off, first press air conditioner off button, and then turn off engine.

If you don't know general meaning of car air conditioners, don't say you know how to drive!

Fourthly, clean your air conditioner regularly. After using air conditioner at home for a certain period of time, you will find that it is covered with dust. The same is true for car air conditioning. If not cleaned for a long time, it will lead to accumulation of dust and bacteria in exhaust fan. After a long time, car owner will find that there is a peculiar smell in car, which is not good for health. Therefore, editor recommends that you regularly visit 4S store to clean air conditioner after using it for a certain period of time, as well as carry out regular maintenance of car.

5. Adjust wind direction of air conditioner as much as possible. After turning on air conditioner, turn exhaust fan to its maximum height. It is based on principle of air movement. Generally speaking, cold air tends to go down, while hot air tends to go up. temperature will result in better cooling. Also, if exhaust fan is out of adjustment and blows directly on head or chest, it will cause headaches, eventually leading to cervical spondylosis.

Sixth, consider both internal and external circulation. In simple terms, internal circulation means that no outside air enters car, and external circulation means that outside air is blown into car. Therefore, car owners who drive for too long are advised not to delay internal circulation. Maintaining internal circulation for a long time will cause car's oxygen content to decrease, which is not conducive to driving. In addition, use of internal and external circulation must also consider external environment. If haze outside car is strong, it is recommended to use internal circulation, and external circulation can be used when air is better. .

By SAIC Volkswagen Vtraining