If you don't pay attention to these 10 car washing taboos, washing a car is tantamount to destroying a car.

It is easy to buy a car and difficult to maintain a car. Car maintenance not only costs money, but if you are not familiar with various driving and car maintenance skills, it will cause great damage to car itself. Many car owners pay great attention to appearance and cleanliness of car, and will wash car when nothing is happening. Actually, this approach is not very good. Have you noticed ten taboos about car washing?

If you don't pay attention to these 10 car washing taboos, washing a car is tantamount to destroying a car.

1. Do not wash car until engine has completely cooled down. This can lead to premature aging of engine.

2, don't wash your car in hot sun. At same time, dry traces from rollers remain on body.

3, don't wash your car in very cold weather. Once water freezes it will cause paint film to crack.

4, avoid using other than soft water for purification, including hot water, alkaline water, and water with high hardness. Because these substances can damage paint. Washing with hard water after drying leaves marks and a film on surface of body.

5, avoid washing your body with high pressure water. Excessive water pressure will damage paintwork of car body. If there is hard dust and dirt on car body, dampen it with water first and then rinse with water. Spray with a spray jet of water.

6. Do not add detergent indiscriminately. Do not use washing powder, disinfectant powder or low-quality soap for cleaning. Since these detergents contain alkali, they can wash grease off paint surface and accelerate aging of paint surface. As a rule, when washing a car, detergent is not added.

7, avoid accidental rubbing. After rinsing with clean water, many people like to wipe it; There are two main problems when wiping: wiping cloth used is not adequate and wiping method is not correct. Use a soft cloth or soft, clean sponge to wipe. When wiping, wipe gently from top to bottom in direction of water flow, not in a circular motion or horizontally.

8. Avoid using detergents indiscriminately. Car bodywork can have extremely aggressive stains such as asphalt, oil, bird droppings and insects, etc. These stains are difficult to clean and must be properly cleaned. When cleaning oil stains on a car body, gently wipe with a sponge moistened with a small amount of kerosene or gasoline, and then apply polishing paste to rubbed area to make it shine as before. If there are animal and vegetable saps on body, such as dead insects, soak them first in soapy water and then rinse with a sponge dipped in water. There are oil stains on steering wheel, headlights, moldings and rubber parts that can only be cleaned with ordinary soapy water, gasoline, detergents and solvents cannot be used for cleaning.

Ninth, do not use harsh cleaners to remove dirt. For example, plastic brushes, stain removal blades that can easily damage paint surface.

10. Do not touch surface of car body with dirty, oil-stained hands, and do not place oily tools or wipes containing organic solvents on car body, which will easily stain paintwork.surfaces or prematurely damage paintwork. fade.

In short, washing a car is also a gentle job. Do not harm your car with your simplicity and rudeness.

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