The water in used cars is very deep, pay attention to these points when buying a car

With acceleration of car replacement, used car market has also become hot. When many friends buy a car, they often choose a used car. Today editors will consider what points you need to pay attention to when buying a used car? The next editor will take a look with you, and I hope that it will be useful to everyone when buying a car.

The water in used cars is very deep, pay attention to these points when buying a car

1. Trust in platform brand

Newbies often buy used cars because used cars are cheaper, but here editor reminds everyone that while cheap ones may fit their existing economic conditions, they should pay attention to anti-fraud, so first thing to note here is to tell everyone should choose a well-known used car sales platform when buying a used car. Generally, well-known used car sales platforms have offline stores in different places and support test drives. Give a good link of course, in addition to this, all official and well-known used car dealerships have all procedures, guarantees, car subscription certificates, used car valuation certificates, etc., so that they can largely avoid being deceived by trap. At same time, when choosing a well-known used car platform, it is best to request information from several sources. After a comprehensive review, if you have any doubts, you can choose a few that you think are best to test them, and then make a comprehensive comparison and then choose right used car for you.Purchase platform.

The water in used cars is very deep, pay attention to these points when buying a car

2. Check vehicle's screws.

Although this method is simple and crude, it plays a very important role in our judgments. The principle: some parts of car body are fixed with screws, and all body fixing screws are fixed "once" when original car leaves factory. When a vehicle is being repaired, it is usually necessary to turn screws to remove and replace parts. Once these original screws are loosened or replaced, they will leave traces of movement.

Operation: Open hood and carefully check screws holding engine. If you find scratches on them, engine may have been removed for repair. Therefore, an emergency vehicle can also be identified by a screw.

The water in used cars is very deep, pay attention to these points when buying a car

3. Look at look of car - colored articles

After "cosmetics" of an emergency car in a repair shop, it is generally difficult to see it. However, as long as there are defects, there will always be bugs. For example, color of a car body. Generally speaking, it is difficult to judge pure color of paint, for example: black, red, white, and so on.

White paint will yellow somewhat after exposure to wind and sun, while metallic paint can be seen with naked eye, especially pearl white and silver are easier to spot. The so-called color look is to see if there is any color difference. If there is a color difference, it proves that a certain part of car has been repaired.

The water in used cars is very deep, pay attention to these points when buying a car

4. Check Overlays

Generally speaking, a car that has been in an accident needs a major overhaul due to severe damage, so by looking at repair marks on car body, one can infer previous degree of "damage" to car. By checking whether gaps in middle of body panels match each other and whether waistline is natural, it can be judged whether panels have been restored or replaced. If car's finish is damaged, there is a chance that its structural elements will be damaged.

The water in used cars is very deep, pay attention to these points when buying a car

5. Check driving license

When buying a car, make sure that car's passports are complete, there are no debts or violations. If certificates are incomplete or have bad records, you will have many problems when going through appropriate procedures after buying a car. There are many lessons learned in this regard that consumers should learn.

The water in used cars is very deep, pay attention to these points when buying a car

1. Seller's ID. Whether seller has right to use and dispose of vehicle sold can be determined by checking seller's ID.

2. Driver's license. This is evidence that car has received right to drive legally. Vehicle registration certificate. Every vehicle on road will be registered with local vehicle control office, and if necessary, you can call vehicle control office for verification.

3. Proof of origin of car. That is, original invoice for purchase of car. If it turns out to be a used car, it depends on existence of an invoice for purchase of a used car, in order to prevent purchase of a car from an improper source.

4. Car license plate. Mainly, to see if there are smudge marks and changes, it must match license plate registered on driver's license. The frame number must also match number registered on driver's license. The frame number is usually engraved on car's dashboard, insurance policy, only an insured car is likely to have owner's traffic insurance. accident, losses are minimized.

In addition, if this is a vehicle of an operational nature, it is also necessary to check whether it has a road transport certificate.

Finally, you need to look for certificates of payment of certain fees and taxes, including certificates of payment of road maintenance fees, certificates of payment of purchase tax and tax on use of vehicles and ships, as well as signs of number modification engine and frame number. whether they match exercise certificate, etc. Does certificate match car.

6. Complete migration procedures

Finally, most important and easily overlooked issue is transfer of procedures related to vehicles. In order to avoid trouble, many car owners did not go through transfer procedures, which led to great difficulties both in using car and in resolving claims at a later stage. Consumers are advised to go through vehicle-related procedures, as well as auto insurance transfer and name change procedures, as soon as possible after purchasing a used vehicle.