How to maintain a used car after buying it How to replace a used car after buying it

Many people are now buying used cars, but after buying used cars, they feel embarrassed. So, how to maintain used cars after buying them, next editor will share his experience for you to refer to.

How to maintain a used car after buying it How to replace a used car after buying it

The condition of purchased vehicle should be very clear if age of vehicle is more than 3-4 years or mileage of vehicle is more than 60,000 kilometers. Any car owner should pay attention, and should do maintenance and care.

Because I bought a used car, I don't know how previous owner serviced engine. After purchase, it is recommended to carry out a complete maintenance of car, including engine system, gearbox, steering system, chassis. system, etc.

So Xiaobian, I suggest that you go to store to have a free check of whole car, such as brakes, engine oil, oil and water, chassis, tires, and a comprehensive inspection so that you can use car. comfortable.

How to maintain a used car after buying it How to replace a used car after buying it

Why buy a used car?

If you are not yourself, you must change something. First of all, you need to change various oils. Engine oil must be changed to a better quality, preferably synthetic oil. The brake fluid had to be replaced for safety reasons. The shelf life of antifreeze is also three years and it is best to replace it. The power steering fluid also needs to be changed if electronic assistant does not need to be replaced. You should also change gearbox oil, as well as transfer case oil and rear axle oil.

The power system is then serviced, spark plug is removed to make sure it is not working and can be replaced. Throttle cleaning must be removed for flushing. Check if fuel injector is clean and check ignition coil. The timing belt needs to be checked.

How to maintain a used car after buying it How to replace a used car after buying it

Check car's transmission system to see if tires are aging, and tire life is 3 years or 80,000 kilometers. If hub is a steel ring, it must be replaced with an aluminum alloy. Check for oil leaks from front and rear suspension and check for play in various ball joint links.

Brake pads can be seen directly on inspection. If they are very thin, they must be replaced. It is also necessary to check spare wheel of car and completeness of tools supplied with car.

Inspect chassis, check if oil is leaking from each component, and if chassis is seriously deformed, and wipe floor. Exhaust system for rust and corrosion. Do polished rubber parts, etc., age?

The following editor summarizes items that need to be serviced after buying a used car

How to maintain a used car after buying it How to replace a used car after buying it

Maintenance and inspection items to be done after buying a used car:

First: change three oils and three filters

Oil, engine coolant, brake fluid, engine filter, cabin filter, oil filter

Second: Check tire specifications

There is no need to emphasize importance of tires for safety. When they reach end of their service life or when they are severely worn and aged, they must be replaced in time. If car is a few years old, check date of manufacture and wear of tires. Although some tires look new and have a deep pattern, rubber has already hardened and is losing traction. Therefore, tires older than 5 years are not recommended to continue to be used.

Third: check whole car belt

If you're buying a car that's over 55 years old and has more than 70,000 miles on it, you need to focus on checking entire car belt. If it's a car with a timing belt, it's better to replace timing belt for safety. Don't try to save money for a while, which will end up with big losses.

Fourth: check braking system

Upon receipt of vehicle, thickness of brake pads should be checked and any obvious bevels or cracks on brake disc should be checked. If serious wear is found, replace it immediately. At same time, check brake oil pipe for air leakage and oil leakage.

Five: interior cleaning, sterilization, deodorization

A used car is, after all, a used car. We don't know who its owner was. Therefore, deodorization and disinfection of interiors of newly purchased used cars cannot be ignored. Car owners can go to a beauty salon to eliminate all kinds of odors left in car with a steam anti-virus, negative ion air purification, and air conditioning duct cleaning.

How to maintain a used car after buying it How to replace a used car after buying it

Six: car wash for a new look

After inspection and maintenance of car, interior of car was also disinfected and deodorized. Finally, thorough stain removal and deep waxing or polishing is essential to restore car's shine and feel like you're driving a new car.

Finally, editor reminds you to be careful when buying and selling used cars. After buying them, most comprehensive maintenance is necessary. It is recommended to find a large car repair shop for a comprehensive inspection and service in order to avoid potential safety risks in future.