How to maintain a new car? Waxing, sealing glaze or coating, which is more important?

There are many hobbyists who are very fond of their new cars. They often face questions such as "Does a new car need to be glazed?", "Does it need to be coated?", What is difference between waxing, sealing glaze and coating? What are pros and cons? Today we will talk about this topic.

What does car waxing do?

Waxing a car is a traditional car care product. The functions of waxing are waterproof, acid rain, high temperature and ultraviolet rays. At same time, film formed by wax can reflect part of light and effectively prevent aging of car paint; Car wax can also be antistatic. Without static electricity, car will absorb less dust, and car wax can also play a role in glazing, making car look newer and more beautiful.

What is function of automotive sealant glaze?

Glaze sealing is use of soft wool or sponge to vibrate and rub at high speed through vibratory polisher, and use unique permeability and adhesion of glaze to penetrate glaze molecules into gaps of car surface and paint. The body paint surface after glaze sealing can reach or even exceed effect of original car paint, so that old car is refreshed and new car is brighter. It can play role of antioxidant, anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion -effect.

What is function of a car cover?

Paint coating technology is latest generation of automotive paint protection technology in world. A real automotive finish should be inorganic, that is, a crystal finish that will never oxidize. Only inorganic coating is a coating layer that covers surface of car, which does not oxidize or fade under influence of external factors such as ultraviolet rays and acid rain. The coating layer has a certain hardness, which can reduce some small scratches.

What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Both sealing glaze and coating need to be polished on whole car, which will damage surface of car paint to a certain extent and reduce thickness of car paint. It is worth noting that ordinary car paint can only polish 6-10 times and even if it is a qualified cosmetic product, it will still be more or less aggressive, which will accelerate aging of paint surface and damage surface of car paint. In addition, sealing glaze and coating usually need to go to an auto repair shop outside auto repair shop, repair shops are more expensive.

And waxing, as most traditional, easiest and most convenient way to care for paintwork, does not carry risk of damaging paintwork, only negative is that you can’t keep it for a long time, but you can wax car yourself at any time, even if you go outside to apply wax once, it won't be too expensive. Personally, I think waxing will protect your car better.