Pay attention to these points, and your automatic transmission will last forever!

Now when buying a car, most people choose an automatic transmission, because automatic transmission is easy to operate, but it also has disadvantages, such as maintenance complexity and high maintenance costs. Maintenance of an automatic transmission can be called most complex system in car repair, so we must learn how to protect an automatic transmission so that it lasts longer.

Pay attention to these points, and your automatic transmission will last forever!

1. Minimize vehicle downtime and warm-up

Raising oil temperature at idle is slower than warming up car while driving. The shorter time for engine to reach normal operating temperature, less wear and tear on engine, so idling prolongs time engine reaches normal operating temperature. The longer idle time, more soot is formed.

Second, downshift manually for climb

If brake is not pressed and accelerator is not applied, car automatically crawls forward, and clutch is in a half-squeezed state. Due to semi-lever mechanism, wear between clutch discs at this time will be significant.

Third, speed should not be too low

Low engine speed means that speed is lower than first gear at a vehicle speed of 10 km/h. The speed is too low, car has no inertia, and when engine drives car, pressure between different parts of car is very high. The speed is too low, gasoline does not burn completely, engine power is insufficient.

Fourth, slow down before shutting down

Stop vehicle, shift into park, then pull handbrake and turn off engine. Try not to drive too fast in this process.

Fifth, use manual mode when going up and down steep slopes

When we are not lucky, maybe our car will get stuck on a steep slope, we will stop and go. At this time, we must use manual mode of automated manual transmission and limit gear to 1st gear to cope with frequent starting off. This operation is also a kind of gearbox protection;

Going down a steep hill or using a low gear in manual mode while driving in an underground garage is obviously much more comfortable than going down in D gear. At least we don't have to apply brake often and for a long time, and can ensure driving safety, kill two birds with one stone.

6. Use manual mode when accelerating and overtaking

If transmission is in a high gear when overtaking is required, use manual transmission mode to quickly downshift, and vehicle can instantly accelerate with high torque in low gear and complete overtaking faster.

Pay attention to these points, and your automatic transmission will last forever!

How to maintain under normal conditions.

Under normal circumstances, automatic transmission vehicles should be cleaned and serviced every 20,000 to 25,000 kilometers or when transmission slips, high water temperatures, slow gear changes, and system leaks.

1. Learn automatic transmission oil change cycle

The automatic transmission internal control mechanism is very accurate and corresponding gap is small, so oil change interval in most automatic transmissions is usually two years or 40,000 to 60,000 kilometers. After gear oil is used for a long time, it will produce lubrication, which will increase wear of each friction plate and each component, and also affect system oil pressure, which will affect power transmission.

Second, change gearbox oil correctly

The best oil change method is dynamic oil change. Special equipment is used to clean gearbox. During operation of gearbox, old oil is completely circulated, and new gearbox oil is added after drain hole is cleaned. The oil consumption is up to 90 or more, which ensures a good effect oil change.

3. Is fluid level in automatic transmission normal

The engine oil is checked when vehicle is cold, and gearbox oil must be preheated to approximately 50°C, after which shift lever is left in each gear for 2 seconds, and then put into park gear. time, oil dipstick The normal oil level should be between highest and lowest lines, if this is not enough, add oil of same quality in time.