When buying a car, you need to look at these 3 bolts, if they are tightened, then this is an emergency car

Today, everyone's standard of living is higher than before, so pace of life has become faster. The most obvious change is change in speed. How to make travel more efficient for everyone? This is driving. When we choose to drive, we get to our destination faster. Besides, if we want to go somewhere to play, driving a car is more convenient. Therefore, more and more people are buying cars, and some people have just finished their driver's license test. , I feel that my driving skills are not very good, so I want to buy a used car and drive it first, so that even if there is a bump, I do not feel too upset, but we also know that used car market is very deep, how can we avoid it?

First, look at screws on hood

When we go to choose a used car, we should look at screw on hood. Under normal circumstances, if car is in normal use, this screw will never be loosened, and even if it is maintenance or repair, if problem is not big, and this screw will not be moved, so if we find that this screw seems to have been unscrewed, this means that this car has had a serious accident, so even screws on hood must be unscrewed for repair, in this case, whichever car did not look new, it is not worth buying it, even if it has been repaired, there is no guarantee that it will not have problems elsewhere.

Second: depends on screws on car door

When we look at screws on hood, we also need to look at screws on doors, why? If car is scratched or parts are replaced, there is no need to unscrew screw on door, because this screw is used to fix door, if it has been unscrewed, it means door has been removed. door is closed, and if you remove it? There must have been a major collision that caused door to warp and have to be replaced. Similarly, we know that such a car has been in an accident. Even if it is repaired, there will inevitably be other problems in future, so we say, Such a machine cannot be bought.

Third: depends on screws on tank frame

After reading first two screws, you should look at screw on water tank frame. The water tank frame mainly supports water tank, and frame is also divided into models. In some cars, frame of water tank is connected by solder joints. We do not see it, we only see if it is deformed as a whole, and some are connected with screws, we see if it is twisted, if it was moved, then machine is malfunctioning, water tank frame is replaced, The water tank is very important for our car, if this place was damaged, it is better not to consider this car.

The editor believes that when buying a used car, most important thing to look at is screws on hood, door, and radiator frame. These screws are usually not tightened. This means that car was in a serious accident. It is better not to buy such a car. In addition, editor believes that if you want to buy a used car, it is more reliable to find someone who understands cars to look at car. After all, used car market is too deep. If you don't be careful, you will be deceived. I wonder if you have any other identification methods? If yes, please tell us about your method.