Should a new car be "anti-corrosion on chassis"? When is best time to do this?

Today, when buying a car, 4S stores recommend that customers perform some maintenance activities, such as protecting chassis from rust. Every consumer knows that chassis rust prevention is very important, coupled with support of sales staff, Xiao Wuqian was built into it, and it was subsequently found that it really has a certain effect. But old driver does not recommend carrying out rust prevention of chassis when receiving a new car, why this is so, we will understand below.

Should a new car be "anti-corrosion on chassis"? When is best time to do this?

For new vehicles, there is no need to protect chassis against rust

In fact, when many new cars leave factory, many manufacturers have already done chassis anti-corrosion treatment, such as protective paint on chassis, and more honest manufacturers also apply a layer of chassis armor, so most new cars do not need to pick up car.What Regarding rust prevention of chassis, rust prevention effect of chassis made by original factory is better than that of third-party maintenance agencies. In addition, when preventing chassis rust, it is necessary to polish and clean chassis parts. If original factory made chassis armor, it may cause some damage to original factory armor, which is not worth trouble.

Should a new car be "anti-corrosion on chassis"? When is best time to do this?

Of course, some manufacturers save on materials and materials by refusing to protect chassis from rust, which is typical for some small cars and inexpensive compact models. It is best to check a new car when you receive it, as it is very easy to check it. Raise car and tap chassis and body parts with your hands, if it's not a pure metallic sound, but mixed with some kind of plastic texture, then most likely chassis has been protected from rust.

Chassis rust prevention is recommended for new vehicles with 50,000 km mileage

When most cost-effective period of time to prevent rust on a chassis on a new car, technician recommends doing it after 50,000 km. Of course, if you often drive on bad roads and terrain is rainy, mileage can also be extended accordingly. Since protective measures of original chassis will be damaged by impact of debris splashed on road when driving on road, 50,000 kilometers is just time for a vehicle overhaul, and consumers can take advantage of this service to perform maintenance. The chassis is protected from rust, and price/quality ratio remains very high.

Should a new car be "anti-corrosion on chassis"? When is best time to do this?

Driving on bad roads must be done in advance

If users often drive on bad roads, they should carry out anti-corrosion treatment of chassis in advance. Small pebbles brought by car tires scratch surface of chassis and form scratches of a certain depth. , degree of corrosion accelerates. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out anti-corrosion treatment of chassis in advance in order to block road.

Chassis motor protection is also very good

If consumers are still worried about new cars without chassis rust protection, consumers can use engine chassis guards to protect them. After all, chassis corrosion is mostly caused by bottom, and protective covers can be effective. damage to chassis and engine under support, it is relatively thick.

Should a new car be "anti-corrosion on chassis"? When is best time to do this?

What is Certified Chassis Rust Protection

Which rust protection is right for you? Rust protection prices vary widely on market. Generally, there are two criteria for judging whether rust protection of a chassis is adequate. The chassis is completely covered. Whether it is uniform or not can be judged by depth of color, and whether it will hang on water or not. Qualified rust protection on chassis will not hang on water.

Some cheap chassis anti-corrosion products are not recommended for consumers. Chassis anti-corrosion agents must be carried out in a clean and dust-free environment. Generally, although prices of custom car beauty salons are low, they cannot effectively protect chassis Anti-corrosion effect.