Do you know typical car service malfunctions?

When driving on road, a car breakdown is inevitable. It takes a lot of time and effort to find a 4S store from time to time. In fact, some of them are minor faults that you can fix yourself if you have basic knowledge of car repair.

For those who have watched European and American films, there is a scene that will be familiar to you, that is, car suddenly smokes, and hero stops car on side of road, and then does it. After a while, he repairs car and continues on his way. In US, mastering some troubleshooting skills is a required course for car owners. In fact, you can also fix some minor faults.

Do you know typical car service malfunctions?

Answer your questions

Reader: Will automatic transmission disengage? One day, as I was driving down road, fire suddenly stopped. I quickly applied brake and turned ignition back on, but car wouldn't start. How can I deal with this problem?

Answer: Although there is no clutch in an automatic transmission car, it is still possible to accidentally shut off engine halfway due to a mechanical failure. When you find battery indicator is on, engine is off. During this time, do not turn steering wheel or apply brake many times, because there are usually only two chances to brake after turning off engine. . Then quickly shift shift lever to neutral, turn ignition key to its original position, and after a successful restart, quickly pull shift lever towards D lever, and you can drive normally. If, after repeated attempts, engine still does not start, this means that malfunction is serious and it should be stopped for inspection. To apply this method, you must be familiar with operation of vehicle. If you press shift lever directly into reverse gear with too much force, serious damage to transmission will result.

NO1 engine won't start

Case: Xiao Liu was about to drive home after work, but found that no matter how he started engine, engine would not start, which bothered him. What is reason?

Are distributors, spark plugs, high voltage lines, etc. damp from rain or car washing? Expert interpretation: It has rained frequently lately, and some car accessories are affected by rain. If so, these wet parts will affect starting of car. Think carefully about flooding engine compartment of your car.

Treatment method: turn off car first, dry wet parts, and then start car.

Expert Tip: In normal times, engine compartment should be tightly closed, and try not to open it in rain. Check if battery voltage is sufficient Expert Interpretation: Listen carefully for a whining sound from engine. If yes, this means your battery is low. The best way to prevent sudden battery drain is to pay more attention to "distress signal" your car is sending out. This signal has following manifestations: one - starter does not turn or rotation is weak, so that starter does not start, other - headlights are darker than usual;

Treatment method: use cross-river dragon connection cable to connect to other car batteries for a temporary power supply to start car.

Expert Tip: Avoid turning on your headlights for a long time and listening to radio with engine off, when parking for long periods of time.I also want to turn off power to unnecessary electrical equipment (interior and outside lighting, car, audio system, navigation, etc.).

Steering wheel shakes when NO2 vehicle is driven

Occasion: Recently, Mr. Zhou was driving his car to countryside with his family. When he came back, he always felt that steering wheel was shaking when car was moving. He didn't know reason, so he parked on side of road and waited for 4S store to come to rescue.

Are there dirt, stones and other foreign objects on tires of car

Do you know typical car service malfunctions?

Expert interpretation: When playing in countryside, it is easy to drive on muddy roads, and tires tend to stick to dirt, rocks and other objects, which affects steering wheel and other objects. are not effective when driving at high speeds, which can easily lead to a blown tire.

Treatment method: Remove stones in tire gap and any other things stuck on wheel.

Pro Tip: Always pay attention to tire cleaning.

Tire deformed due to impact or wheel balance weight falling off

Expert Interpretation: If tire is very clean and problem still occurs, tire should be carefully checked to see if it has been hit.

Treatment method: to avoid potential safety hazards, replace deformed tires in time and find nearest auto repair shop to install counterweight.

Expert Tip: Don't take this issue lightly. Some bulges do not bulge after impact, which is not obvious, but upon close inspection, problem can still be detected.

Alignment was not performed after a tire change. Expert interpretation: if above two vehicle problems do not exist, there is another possibility. Location to avoid potential safety hazards.

Expert advice. When changing tires, it is best to align all four wheels at same time.

NO3 power window lowers automatically

Case: Xiaomei's car is an imported luxury car, and windows are designed with one-button lift function. However, during recent use, it has found that when driver's side electric window goes up, it will suddenly automatically go down for a while. which made her be very careful every time she closed window, which was very tiring.

Expert interpretation of sensor-activated anti-pinch function: General luxury vehicles will be equipped with an anti-pinch function in design of power window to avoid injury caused by accidental operation. While using car, if there is any object inside upper door frame, when glass is raised to this part, sensor will activate anti-pinch function to make glass go down.

Treatment Method: Check if there are any foreign objects that prevent window from being raised and clean them.

Expert Suggestion: If it only happens while driving at high speed, it might be voltage related and you need to go to a 4S shop for adjustment.

NO4 tailgate not fully closed

Case: Mr. Xu recently discovered that when back door of his car was closed, lock on door could notbe attached to a hook on body, as a result of which tailgate does not close tightly. The door must be pushed hard or closed several times to close door.

Expert interpretation of excessive friction or body deformation: care must be taken to ensure that clearance fit is severe. If it is only due to structural or friction problems, apply some lubricating oil, but if it is serious, you need to pay attention to whether body is deformed .

Do you know typical car service malfunctions?

Processing method: adjust position of door lock module and position of body hook to improve fit; apply lube to lock and hook position to enhance lubrication.

Expert Tip: If it's a new car, door won't close tightly, most of time it's caused by poor alignment of components during installation. If there is a serious problem with fit of gap, you can directly contact 4S store to request a gap adjustment.