Do you need disinfection in car? The need to keep car clean

When it comes to daily car care, many people naturally think of car washing, waxing, and other activities. When it comes to disinfecting inside of a car, this may seem unfamiliar to most people.

Do you need disinfection in car? The need to keep car clean

However, according to statistics, breath exhaled by people contains at least 25 kinds of toxic and harmful substances, such as dimethylamine, phenols, benzene, tetrachlorethylene and various microbes, as well as sweat emitted by human body. odors from shoes, socks, clothes, etc., as well as saliva that people spray when talking, coughing, and sneezing, contribute to varying degrees of air pollution in car. Among them, metabolism of human skin alone is 600,000 grains of dandruff falling off every hour, which in itself shows degree of air pollution in car.

Is car disinfection necessary?

Air quality has an important impact on people's mobility. A clean environment in a car affects not only comfort and safety of drivers and passengers, but also directly affects health of human body. Of course, opening car windows can effectively improve air quality in cabin, but at same time, there are many sanitary dead spots in car interior and seats, which also causes a lot of cleaning hassle. Therefore, disinfection in car gradually attracted people's attention.

Do you need disinfection in car? The need to keep car clean

Introduction to car disinfection steps

Actually, tools used for car disinfection are very simple, and their appearance is as small and exquisite as that of a household vacuum cleaner. The disinfection steps are simple, it mainly uses principle of high temperature steam, and a set of brushes and nozzles of different sizes are prepared for different users to clean seats, door panels, walls and other parts.

Before disinfection, first dilute green disinfectant solution 1:4 and put it into machine, turn on power, heat for about half an hour, observe temperature and pressure gauge, when temperature reaches about 140 ° C, it can be used. The high-temperature steam it generates sterilizes every component of car one by one.

It should be noted that contact with electrical parts should be avoided during disinfection. The whole process takes about 1 hour, and killing rate of natural bacteria can reach more than 90%. Among them, for disinfecting surface of objects in car, average killing rate for 30 minutes is also faster. than 90%. As a rule, such disinfection should be carried out once a month.

Of course, car owners can also add their favorite perfume to the sanitizer according to their hobbies to keep their green space cleaner and more comfortable.