The complete collection of car maintenance savvy new car owners need to know!

For novice drivers, it is very important to learn how to read dashboard. Always pay attention to pointer on dashboard and icons displayed on dashboard at all times. Whenever you see a red light on dashboard, stop and turn off engine as soon as possible to check.

When driving on a rough road, be careful not to scratch chassis, otherwise oil pan may be damaged, resulting in oil leakage. Of course, when such a situation arises, a red oil pot and a water wave logo will be displayed on dashboard. At this time, engine should be stopped and checked immediately, otherwise there will be big problems and damage to engine. Be sure to apply handbrake when parking.

New car owners should also practice hard shifting and handbraking new car. Some car owners habitually put shift lever in neutral when parking, in fact, this habit is not good, as it is easy to force shift lever into forward gear, which can create danger.

The complete collection of car maintenance savvy new car owners need to know!

From a safety standpoint, new car owners should pull on handbrake when parking, especially on slopes, to avoid hazards such as reversing car. Similarly, once car is about to move, handbrake must be in place before it can be activated. Many beginners and new car owners often ignore this problem when they change to a new car. They don't realize it until car has been running for a while. As everyone knows, if handbrake is not in place, it will do a lot of damage to car. Pay attention to abnormal vehicle noise at any time

The complete collection of car maintenance savvy new car owners need to know!

During driving, driver must pay close attention to sound of every part of car. Once you find that there is an abnormal sound in car, you must first determine exactly whether sound is coming from inside or outside car. If abnormal sound comes from outside vehicle, you should pay special attention and stop for inspection.

If engine does not turn off, if sound disappears, it can be judged that this is an abnormal sound while driving. Owners of new cars should carefully listen to which side and in which direction sound is coming from: it could be a wheel hub, a tire, a gearbox, a propeller shaft, a suspension, a tire could be nailed or stuck with stones, it could be brake pads This is a normal abnormal sound caused by high density of parts, etc. For various reasons, car owners may first evaluate and check for themselves.

Of course, if sound persists, problem may be in engine. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to whether quality of oil affects operation of hydraulic and lubrication systems. Generally speaking, new cars use original engine oil, but after break-in period of a new car has passed, it is recommended to change engine oil according to condition of car and road conditions. New car owners better have their own records

The complete collection of car maintenance savvy new car owners need to know!

For new car owners, it's best to have detailed information about your car. For example, with a run of 5000 km, what MOT should be done, with a run of 40,000 km, is it time to change brake pads, etc., you need to know what to do. Every time a car is serviced and parts are replaced, there are detailed records such as a "medical record" so you can know your car's condition like back of your hand. Quickly remove fogging on glass in car interior

The weather is getting colder, and if there are a lot of people in car, temperature inside car will be high and it will be easy to breathe, and water mist will easily form on glass inside car, which blocks driver's view and hides potential hazards. To solve this problem, get into car, turn wind direction switch to blow through windshield, use hot air, generally shift into first gear; If there is fog in car, first turn on air conditioner, and fog will soon dissipate, and then turn on air conditioner. This tip is also very handy for late autumn and winter driving. Check oil and water often

It is recommended that a new car develop a good habit of checking oil and water once a week to make sure there is enough and no leaks. The oil circuit includes brake oil, gear oil, engine oil, etc. In some vehicles, oil in gearbox is not visible, and owner can see if there are signs of oil leakage in parking lot. Every time before running a long distance, you should also comprehensively check water and coolant of car, and if sun is shining, you should also check whether there is enough water on windshield wiper.