What are benefits of automotive film? Do you need a car wrap?

After buying a car, we usually have to apply a film, so what are advantages of a car film? What are functions of car film? Don't underestimate this little car wrap, it actually has quite a few features, let's take a look at it together.

What are benefits of automotive film? Do you need a car wrap?

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The main functions of car film:

(1) Thermal insulation and cooling

The car film can reduce intensity of sunlight to provide a thermal insulation effect and keep interior cool. The thermal insulation coefficient of high-quality automotive explosion-proof film can reach 50-70%, which can effectively reduce load on car air conditioners and save fuel.

What are benefits of automotive film? Do you need a car wrap?

(2) Prevent explosion

When a car has an accident, explosion-proof car film can prevent glass from exploding and blowing out, avoiding damage caused by glass fragments to driver and passengers in accident, and improving safety of car.

(3) Protect your skin

If human body is exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, it will cause certain harm to skin and cause skin diseases. The high-quality car film has a certain anti-ultraviolet function, which can effectively block ultraviolet rays and protect skin.

(4) Protect inside

Infrared rays from sun can trap heat in interior details such as seat cushions and dashboards. Prolonged exposure to infrared rays causes aging and fading of interior details. After covering window, it has a better protective effect. on interior.

What are benefits of automotive film? Do you need a car wrap?

(5) Change color tone

Colored car film can change overall tone of window glass and add beauty to car.

(6) One-sided perspective

The one-sided perspective of car film can block view from outside of car and increase privacy of passengers in car.

(7) Anti-glare

A good car film can filter out part of glare and reduce intensity of visible light, it makes people's eyes more comfortable, improves vision of car owner, and ensures driving safety. Users are advised not to choose film with too low light transmission. Window film, especially film on both sides of front row, should choose light transmission above 85%, which is more suitable. At this time, side window film does not require digging holes and does not affect line of sight. When driving at night, it can also dampen strong glare of oncoming car headlights on reflector, making eyes comfortable. In addition, it can also provide good line-of-sight when driving, reversing and turning in a rainy night.

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