The worst bad habit that ruins engine, how many of them do you have?

A car is made up of thousands of parts that work closely together to fulfill various requirements. The most important core of a car is engine. Most of brothers who buy cars now have just got their driver's license. Newbie, I have too little experience in car maintenance in past. Some bad habits can damage engine. If not corrected in time, it can lead to an engine overhaul.

1. Engine temperature too high to "boil"

The worst bad habit that ruins engine, how many of them do you have?

The worst thing about driving a car is too high a temperature, known as "boiling": cooling water in engine's water tank reaches boiling point, which means that water is boiled in simple words. At present, most cars use water-cooling equipment to dissipate heat from engine, and one of most important devices is water tank, which contains a lot of coolant, which is an indispensable means of dissipating heat to ensure normal operation of car. engine. If you find that coolant level inside is below bottom line of scale while driving, and you do not realize it, engine will boil due to lack of coolant while driving. Excessively high water temperatures will accelerate wear on internal parts of engine. and engine is being overhauled, so coolant level must be checked regularly.

2. Engine oil changed out of time and lubrication missing

Motor oil can lubricate and reduce friction, promote cooling and cooling, seal and prevent leakage, prevent rust and corrosion, absorb shock and buffer, etc. for engine. Known as "blood" of a car, oil quality of various grades of lubricating oil changes during use, so after a certain vehicle mileage, oil's function deteriorates and may cause engine damage. Generally speaking, engine oil is changed when we carry out maintenance on car. In general, engine oil: 5000 kilometers, half composition: 7500 kilometers, full composition: 10000 kilometers. This is just a statement of experts, based on summation of quality of oil in Chinese market and domestic road conditions, another thing is that it is usually changed every six months. If you don't realize that your engine oil has deteriorated because you haven't changed your engine oil for a long time, engine oil's lubricity will decrease, leading to dry lapping inside engine, and eventually engine. not subject to major repairs.

The worst bad habit that ruins engine, how many of them do you have?

3. Long-term use of low-quality gasoline directly reduces life of engine

There are large and small gas stations all over country, and quality of petroleum products is poor and uneven. If low-quality gasoline is poured for a long time, fuel system will become clogged, carbon deposits will increase, engine power will decrease, and car’s oxygen sensor and three-way catalytic converter may fail, which will lead to unstable operation of car engine and low-quality gasoline in combustion chamber. Insufficient combustion will also lead to fuel consumption and poor acceleration. The most feared is detonation, which will seriously shorten life of engine. So it is best to refuel at a large gas station that can be guaranteed, and do not fill in low-quality gasoline in order to save money.

The worst bad habit that ruins engine, how many of them do you have?

4. The air intake system becomes clogged if left uncleaned for a long time

The engine air intake system mainly refers to air filter and intake pipe. If air pollution is serious in area where you travel frequently, it is better to disassemble air filter and check it every time you service it. If not If it is very dirty, ask staff to blow it out with an air gun. As for intake pipe, it should be cleaned regularly. If air filter is clogged or intake pipe is too dirty, suction power will be reduced and engine power will be insufficient, resulting in engine damage and aging over time.

5. Vehicle speed and gear mismatch

During normal driving, you must select correct gear, higher gear, higher speed. Avoid low-speed high-speed and high-speed low-level situations. These driving manners will cause some damage to engine, and low-speed high speeds will consume more fuel and increase engine noise. A high gear and low speed will form more carbon deposits, increasing load on engine.

Therefore, when driving at normal times, you must engage a reasonable gear. In order to save effort, automatic transmission can be purchased directly.

6. Don't turn off air conditioner when you leave house

We will use air conditioner to make us more comfortable in car during normal driving, but if car air conditioner is not turned off when car is parked, it will start along with air conditioner when car is started. next time you increase load on engine, once or twice nothing, if you develop a habit, you will lose engine. Therefore, it is best to turn off the car's air conditioner one or two minutes before parking.

The worst bad habit that ruins engine, how many of them do you have?

7. Long-term parking with a hot car

The weather is relatively cold in winter, and hot cars have always been hereditary. But today's cars don't need to warm up for several minutes like they used to. Cars that have been warmed up for long periods of time will add extra carbon to engine, and at idle RPMs are very low and oil pump can't pump engine. lubricating oil quickly. For various parts inside engine, this will cause various components inside engine to work in conflict without lubricating oil, and chance of wear will increase.

The above are a few bad habits that can easily lead to engine failure. Therefore, it is obvious that this is same car with same engine, your car has been repaired non-stop for 1-2 years, and other people's cars are generally fine, mainly due to some differences in driving style.