Many cars painted like graffiti were originally called artistic painting.

Painting art is leader in painting technology. With rapid development of science and technology, market competition is becoming more and more fierce. The surface finish of automobiles has developed in direction of high decoration, high environmental friendliness. protection and low consumption.

Types and areas of artistic painting are constantly changing, new technologies and techniques are constantly appearing. Pure and elegant, embossed and exquisite hammer paint, beautiful wrinkled paint, metallic luster paint full of artistic charm, natural pearl paint full of change and known as a chameleon, etc., with their beautiful patterns and new coating films Appearance , dressed in various ways, can not only reflect excellent performance of car itself, but also beautify environment and bring wonderful enjoyment to owner and passengers.

Characteristics of artistic painting

1. Highly decorative The coating film formed after drying into a film has a colorful appearance, bright and puffy, colorful, clear patterns, strong three-dimensional effect, consistent tones and elegant appearance.

2. Strict surface requirements before painting

Pretreatment of surface of artistic paints must be clean and thorough before painting. However, wrinkled paint and hammer paint in art paint can compensate for uneven surface of object being painted.

3. The demands on coverage environment are high. Painting with fine art paints requires that working environment be very clean and clean, and dust and impurities cannot be mixed into it, otherwise it will affect appearance quality of coating film and easily cause color mixing.

4. Artistic coating film has certain protective properties Artistic coating film is not only beautiful in color, but also has certain protective properties. For example, hammer coating of coating, wrinkled coating of hardware coating, etc. have a high degree of protection.

5. It can realize mechanized and automated assembly line productionArt Coating can also realize mechanized and automated assembly line production. As a rule, products with large batches and requiring coating with metallic flash paint or paint. Mainly mechanized and automated painting lines are used.

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