Ten Useful Tips for Repairing Car Body Scratches

No matter how good our driving skills are, it must be difficult to guarantee that our car will not leave scratches, so what should we do if we find scratches on car body. Today I will introduce you to scratch repair Ten Must-Tips know, I hope they will be useful to most car owners.

Ten Useful Tips for Repairing Car Body Scratches

Ten Useful Tips for Repairing Car Body Scratches

Ten Useful Tips for Repairing Car Body Scratches

1. Tips for inspecting and caring for aging and body scars: no matter what car, there will be large or small scars. How badly scars inflict on paintwork and how to restore it should be considered in correct disposal method. If it's a less noticeable scar, it's wise to leave it alone.

2. Tips for repair and maintenance in case of wear: scratches are on all cars. The best repair method is to fill scratches with same coating as car body. The coating agent can be applied one, two or three times, more times cleaner coating will be. But even treatment of whole body is also important.

3. Tips for repairing and caring for small scratches: If any scratches are found on car body, first check their extent. If there is only a shallow scratch on surface of paint, immediately treat it with mixture, and rubbing method is rubbing in a straight line. Once scars are gone, rub them with a finer mixture before applying wax.

4. Tips for Repairing and Maintaining Scratches and Peeling Surface Paint: For deep scratches, it is important to ensure that metal surface is not exposed. Move tip of pen up a little, and then wait until paint is completely dry.

5. Tips for repairing and caring for deep scars: Deep but narrow scars can be repaired well with colored putty. Use sandpaper on scars, don't just widen scars, it's important to clean up dirt. Putty is applied carefully so that it completely goes inside. Finally, apply mixture, wax and finish job.

6. Dent repair and maintenance tips: Dent repair is one of most troublesome car body care tasks, most important thing is to lay a good foundation. When painting, be sure to cover adjacent areas with newspapers so that paint does not spread.

7. Rust Control Tips: Once rust is found, remove it immediately. If you do not touch it, rust spots will gradually expand. To prevent rust, you need to clean it with sandpaper or use a chemical compound that changes rust point. Use them separately depending on situation.

8. Water Leak Prevention Tips: The waterproof strip pasted around door and trunk is easy to peel off and curl. But if it is not cracked or deformed, it can be used again, just stick it again to prevent water leakage. It is also important to restore elasticity of rubber itself with a protective agent.

9. Tips for repairing and caring for bumper scratches: The method of treating bumper scratches is to cut off burrs and apply putty to potholes to make them smooth. Special putty, prepare different colors, choose closest one. For bumpers of same color as body, painting is very important.

10. m care tipsengine oil: too much or too little oil will affect engine. The ideal amount is close to upper limit of oil scale. For additional engine oil, try to prepare a product of same quality as engine oil used. Be careful not to splash engine and check it once a month.