Beautiful car interior

The exterior of a car is meant for others to see and tell people what kind of car you drive, but interior is something to touch and put up with every day. Therefore, question of whether interior of car is beautiful, whether it is attractive enough, whether it has enough personality and luxury, has become subject of attention of many people. Among models currently on sale or in pipeline, which car interior would impress you most? Which one do you most want to buy after reading? Let's take a look together below.

The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class will be officially presented soon. As a completely new upgrade, new C-Class basically adopts exterior and interior design of new Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which is why it is also known as "little S-Class" to outside world. As for interior, Mercedes-Benz C-Class adopts design language of latest generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class. A fully-filled LCD instrument panel is paired with a double-three-spoke multi-function steering wheel. In center of central control console is a vertically suspended multimedia touch screen, and angle of screen is slightly tilted towards driver. In short, overall design concept of center console of new C-Class is similar to that of new Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and sense of technology and luxury can also be called "small S-Class" title. ". For those young and middle-aged people who pay attention to a luxurious interior, new Mercedes-Benz C-Class should also suit.

The BMW 3 Series currently on sale is also a brand new, new generation model after being replaced. Although handling and sportiness have declined, comfort of new 3 Series has been greatly improved, so ordinary people are very willing to buy it. As for interior, BMW 3 Series still has a family design style and it looks like a German car with a sense of sophistication and mechanical texture. The size of central control screen is not too big, bottom part is a traditional physical button, and bottom part is a classic BMW drumstick-style electronic gear lever that is combined with a drive mode selector knob, which is quite individual in general. After reading interior atmosphere of BMW 3 Series, we feel that it is very textured, so for people of science and technology, this interior design should be very attractive, do you think?

The interior and exterior design of Lynk & Co 09 is based on same method, but in comparison, interior has a stronger sense of luxury and technology, especially all-aluminum finish with a large printing area and a full-color 12.8-inch HUD Screen display, 12.3" LCD digital gauge, 12.0" smart central touch screen, 6.0" air conditioner smart touch screen and two 1.4" LCD screens with handles form a futuristic touch cockpit . 19 full-color interior lights with independent front and rear control, 3 scent systems and 4-zone independent air conditioning can also create a comfortable car atmosphere for you. Turn on music at your fingertips with a 14-speaker BOSE sound system that can always transport you to another world. In addition, advanced configurations are available such as seat memory, seat ventilation, seat heating, water spray on wiper arms, a large opening panoramic sunroof, dual-control third-row power seat tilt and a large rear seat.