Car interior inventory

There is a saying that it is good, appearance is to be seen, and interior is to be seen for yourself. A good driving experience allows passengers to have more driving pleasure. Let's take a look at cars with best interiors.

Lexus LS 500

As a second-tier luxury brand, Lexus designed this interior just as well as a first-tier luxury brand. This is also my favorite set of interiors, which can be called a work of art.

The design of Lexus LS 500 is truly avant-garde and luxurious. Elegantly shaped horizontal chrome duct. Three displays on left, middle and right create a strong sense of technology. said it was a very radical car. Big luxury cars too.

Lincoln Navigator

The Lincoln Navigator is a large off-road vehicle that exhibits typical rudeness and imperiousness of American cars, but at same time has a refined taste. The rational use of large-area leather upholstery, chrome detailing and wood grain is both visually and tactilely pleasing, fully embodying American luxury.

Link & Co 09

When it comes to interiors, Lynk & Co 09 believes that luxury is not only a sense of atmosphere, but also a sense of experience. For this reason, in interior, Lynk & Co 09 uses innovative design concepts, combines digital technology with luxury and comfort, and creates a "luxury yacht cockpit" focused on the user.

Among them, Lynk-Mate central control unit with two 12" + 6" screens stands out. The top screen is in-car entertainment area, and bottom screen is thermal management system, integrating common functions. while driving, effectively reducing user's work level and making operation easier.

In detail, Lynk & Co 09 is also full of luxury. There are a total of 21 control keys in machine, which are made with silver-plated technology, and a luxurious touch surface with a grainy texture is specially added to enhance real touch when using it. The real aluminum trim inside car has also been meticulously crafted using sophisticated etching techniques to create two patterns of a city in sky and a meteorite trail, giving the Lynk & Co 09 a unique status symbol.

As for seats, in order to make them more comfortable and beautiful, Lynk & Co 09 adopts high quality Monaco NAPPA whole grain material among leather materials, as well as cutting, selective punching and selective punching, and numerical control CNC. quilting and many other processes ensure that leather of seat is softer, more breathable, and the pattern is refined and uniform. Stain solution treatment to ensure that light leather seats, even white seats, are resistant to all kinds of stains and are easier to clean. take care of.

After reading this article, I realized that everyone has their own choice. Which car interior do you like most? Come and discuss in the comments!