It turns out that car air conditioner is used like this

Practical knowledge of car

1. After exposure to sun, first open window and turn on external circulation of air conditioner

After car has been exposed to sun, you can first open windows, and at same time turn on external circulation of air conditioner, and then turn on internal circulation after hot air in car is released

2. There is no need to change air conditioner filter element at every service

If road conditions and air quality are not very bad, air conditioner filter can be changed once to 2 times per maintenance day

3. The air conditioner cannot always use a small amount of air

Air volume has little effect on fuel consumption. Reducing air volume will not give an obvious fuel saving effect. You don't have to sacrifice comfort for fuel economy. In addition, you can blow flying dust into duct of air conditioner, and clean air conditioner by turning on a large volume of air regularly. Effect

4. The air outlet of air conditioner is not adjustable as desired

When air conditioner blows cold air, turn outlet up and let wind blow up, which will speed up air circulation and improve cooling effect

5. The automatic air conditioning function must be enabled

The automatic air conditioner can automatically maintain temperature and humidity in car at a certain level, similar to a household inverter air conditioner, saving fuel, hassle and comfort

6. The activation of automatic air conditioning function also depends on situation

If window is foggy or icy, you need to manually turn on defrost function, which will be faster. If you encounter traffic jams and dusty road conditions, you can manually turn on internal circulation function (automatic air conditioners sometimes turn on external circulation)

It turns out that car air conditioner is used like this
It turns out that car air conditioner is used like this