This will increase chance of engine failure by 10 times.

If a car is like a person, then engine is its heart, and engine determines power, economic performance and environmental performance of car. A gasoline engine consists of two main mechanisms and five main systems, namely, a crank mechanism, a gas distribution mechanism, a fuel supply system, an ignition system, a lubrication system, a cooling system, and a starting system.

This will increase chance of engine failure by 10 times.

If any problem occurs, engine will not start. However, if we do not pay attention to maintenance of our engine, there may be serious damage or even engine overhaul. Let's talk about how easy it is to disable our engine.

This will increase chance of engine failure by 10 times.

※1. Late maintenance.

More than 50% of car breakdowns are caused by improper maintenance. You can see that maintenance is most important thing needed to extend life of engine. An extreme example: a female car owner bought a car and didn't know what maintenance was at all. She had never serviced it since she bought car. Eventually, car stopped starting halfway through and she got it to 4S. shop for inspection. All engines have been scrapped. It can be seen that maintenance is necessary, and money for this maintenance cannot be saved.

※2. The quality of engine oil and oil filter is too low.

Firstly, modern motor oils can be roughly divided into three types: mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil and fully synthetic oil. Of course, quality of engine oil of different grades will change during operation, after a certain mileage, engine oil will turn black, and lubricity of engine oil will decrease, which will easily cause engine problems.

The oil filter plays role of a filter pressurization. The oil filter can filter out solid particles and some impurities in oil. If oil filter is clogged, oil pressure will be insufficient, engine malfunction indicator light will come on, and oil will not be filled. If quality of oil filter is too low and filtering effect is poor, dirt will return to lubricating part, which will accelerate wear of engine, and eventually a malfunction will appear.

This will increase chance of engine failure by 10 times.

※3. The intake system is too dirty.

The intake system consists of an intake pipe, an air filter, a throttle valve and an intake manifold. The air filter is a frequently replaced part, too dirty will affect engine performance. If you often drive on some roads with poor air quality, you should pay attention to cleaning intake pipe. If intake pipe intake efficiency decreases, engine cannot operate in normal power output range, and it is easy to overclock. engine wear and tear.

※4. Decreased performance of ignition system

The ignition system mainly consists of high voltage blocks, high voltage wires and spark plugs. Spark plugs are often replaced. Typically, spark plugs need to be replaced after a certain amount of mileage. spark plugs will cause hard starting, poor acceleration and vibration. The high-voltage package can also fail, which will also cause engine to shake.

※5. Poor fuel system maintenance

The fuel supply system includes fuel tank, gasoline pump, gasoline filter, fuel line, fuel injector and so on. The fuel injector and fuel filter require most maintenance. The gasoline filter can filter out most impurities in gasoline and should be replaced regularly. If a fuel injector is not working properly or is clogged, it can lead to poor fuel atomization, engine vibration, poor acceleration, and other problems.

※6. The cooling system is in poor condition

The cooling system is an important system to maintain normal working temperature of engine. The engine cooling system is mainly divided into internal circulation and large circulation, which is composed of engine water channel, water pump, thermostat, water pipe, water tank, tank fan for water tank, auxiliary water tank, etc. Of course, water tank thermostat and fan are prone to failure, if one of these two components fails, water temperature will be high or even boil.

The coolant plays a very important role as a transmission medium. Many car owners love to use water, which has a big impact on our waterways. Water easily forms scale, which blocks waterways and affects life of car. Therefore, it is recommended to use a special coolant.

This will increase chance of engine failure by 10 times.


Daily car maintenance is very important for our car. If you want your car to be durable and easy to drive, maintenance is key. It is very important to replace cultivation with care. It is much better to spend more money on car maintenance than to spend money on repairs.