Is monitoring tire pressure useful? See what owner says!

A netizen asked a question, “The new car I mentioned was equipped with a rear view camera and a motion recorder. I originally wanted to install a tire pressure sensor, but heard that it was useless, so I did not install it. I'm afraid that too much of everything installed will affect operation of the car. I would like to ask everyone if tire pressure monitoring is useful?

Is monitoring tire pressure useful? See what owner says!

The tire pressure monitoring function is to automatically monitor tire pressure in real time while driving, and give an alarm for tire leakage and low air pressure to ensure driving safety. In Europe and North America, relevant laws and regulations have been adopted to increase people's safety awareness (for example: European Commission will force cars to install tire pressure monitoring systems).

There are two types of tire pressure monitoring: external and built-in. There is not much difference between them. The main difference is in way pressure is set. An external tire pressure monitor is usually "screwed" onto tire valve as a valve cap. This has advantage of being easy to install. The disadvantage is that an open sensor is easily interfered with by external factors such as dust, rain. and snow., but also easy to steal; built-in tire pressure monitoring is just opposite, pressure sensor needs to be installed inside tire, tire needs to be disassembled to work, and original valve may need to be replaced. as installation as a whole is completed.

Is monitoring tire pressure useful? See what owner says!

Ask car owners if they find it useful?

Before: Tire pressure monitoring is very practical and nothing will affect performance of car.

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Thomas: This is very important. My car report is very accurate. Several times tire pressure was low and I couldn't tell it from outside.

One page, lonely city: I recently bought a set of floor tires and have driven almost 2,000 kilometers. During Chinese New Year, I went home to a 4S store in Jinan and asked him to check tire pressure. By way. It's 2.9. I said why such a noise. At first I thought it was hard tires. If there is a tire pressure control, it will be fine.