Car air conditioner not cooling? These places can be problematic.

Hot summer

When air conditioner is not cooling

For car owners who travel every day

This is unbearable


When machine encounters this problem

What should I do?

Let's see today

How to check that car air conditioner is not cooling

Car air conditioning does not cool

In particular, this can be divided into two situations:

①Cold air is blown out, but cooling effect is poor ②There is no cold air, and cooling effect is completely lost

The cooling effect of air conditioner is poor

Reason 1: Capacitor heat dissipation is blocked

The condenser is located next to front radiator

This is one of important parts of heat dissipation of an automotive air conditioning system

When it's covered in oil, dust, and leaves

Deteriorated heat dissipation

This will also affect cooling effect of conditioner

Clean condenser from dirt and debris in time

The cooling capacity of air conditioner can be restored quickly

Reason 2: The air conditioner filter is clogged and dirty

There is filter dust on air conditioner filter element and

Role of respirable particulate matter

After use in winter and spring

Some impurities will

Reducing wind power of air conditioner to reduce or even create a peculiar smell

Suggest car owners

Replace every 20,000 km

The air conditioner does not cool at all

When air conditioner can't cool at all

It is necessary to arrive at auto repair shop on time for inspection

Reason one: lack of refrigerant

A car air conditioner is same as a home air conditioner

Everyone needs to use coolant (freon in snow) to keep them cool. After refrigerant has been used up, this will result

The air conditioner loses its cooling effect

At this time, you can go to auto repair shop to check and top up refrigerant in time to ensure normal cooling of air conditioner

Reason 2: computer crash

Automotive air conditioner cooling system

Basic Components

Compressor, condenser, choke

and vaporizer

When communication fails in main equipment

Then air conditioner will lose its cooling capacity

Timely maintenance required

Cause 3: Faulty engine thermostat

Engine thermostat

Outlet of top of engine cooling water

this is a valve that controls flow path of coolant

When it fails

This will directly affect engine temperature

Engine temperature too low or too high

This will set off a series of chain reactions

The air conditioner will also have problems

If not processed in time

The whole engine can be recycled

Reprinted from Shenyang Dri Magazineving Guide

Source: Liaoyang Road Radio