What do suffixes TX, TXL, VX, VXL mean on Toyota Prado...

Toyota is very famous in China and there are many models under Toyota brand, but most famous one is probably Prado. , but attentive people might find that letters on tail of Prado car are divided into TX, TXL, VX and VXL So what do these letters mean? I'll teach you a trick to distinguish, in fact, these letters represent a version of him.

TX suffix

First of all, a Prado model with TX suffix means that it is an entry-level Prado model, that is, a low-end version. In principle, apart from Prado shell and basic package, nothing is needed to install later.

What do suffixes TX, TXL, VX, VXL mean on Toyota Prado...


The rear of car is marked with TXL model. Although this model is slightly better than TX, it is only slightly better, but we can still see multi-function buttons and power sunroof higher on steering wheel of his car. Basically, these two items can also satisfy preferences of some car owners, but there is one key point , quantity of this model in China is very small.


VX stands for High Class Prado. In this Prado, his comfort and safety have been greatly enhanced. Firstly, this car is equipped with automatic headlights, and secondly, a rear-view mirror with electric folding. At same time, there is an ESP and a tire pressure sensor, and nine airbags are installed at same time. This equipment is already quite rich.

What do suffixes TX, TXL, VX, VXL mean on Toyota Prado...


The "VXL" in tail of Prado belongs to boss of Middle East version of Prado. Its configuration is more numerous than high-end version. This car also added a centrally controlled intelligent navigation system. , 14 high-quality speakers and rear air suspension. In addition, crawl mode and terrain selection of this configuration model are also advantages that other models do not have. Of course, in addition to these 4 models, Prado Middle East version also has EXR, GXR and VXR, which not common in China, but EXR and GXR and VXR only appear in United Arab Emirates. These models also represent trim levels.

What do suffixes TX, TXL, VX, VXL mean on Toyota Prado...

You can judge its configuration by logo on back of Prado, but this is just a link. Regardless of which version of Prado, owner will basically refine it. Maybe kit of beggarly version is richer than this VXR. Perhaps this kind of suffix is ​​cheap and has no technical content. It's easy to force yourself to post it by chance. have to face Middle East. Sand, gravel, high temperature and harsh road conditions in region, so quality standard of Middle East version is higher than that of standard car. In terms of production process and quality, all Prado Middle East versions are produced by Japanese factories, and welding process and material selection are within Toyota system. However, due to control of manufacturing costs, domestic version of model often has accessories that can use iron but not steel, and plastic but not iron. Such examples, quality level given this, although I dare not say that domestic version not bad, but not as good as middle eastern version?