How to keep car will be more economical? Teach you fuel saving tips

Whether a car can save fuel depends not only on driving style of driver, but also on technical condition of car itself, which is key to fuel economy. Therefore, car owners should develop habit of maintaining their cars regularly in daily life.

How to keep car will be more economical? Teach you fuel saving tips

1. Park in shade

Leaving your car in hot sun for long periods of time will not only make your car feel like you're in a sauna, but it will also waste gas in your fuel tank as it volatilizes. Therefore, car owners should try to choose a shady place when parking to avoid direct sunlight on car.

2. Tighten tank cap

Compared to regular replacement of three filters, tightening fuel tank cap requires smallest detail. As far as I know, when you go to gas station to fill up, employees basically open and close gas tank cap, and owner of car rarely touches it. At this time, if you run into a tanker who is not responsible, he (she) may be careless, just turn fuel tank cap a few times and it will be done. In this case, gasoline of car is easily volatilized. Therefore, every time after refueling, be sure to check that gas tank cap is tightened.

3. Change three filters regularly

When it comes to maintenance and fuel economy, I think first thing everyone thinks about is three filters (engine filter, steam filter, air filter). This is true: a qualified triple filter can filter out impurities in oil and air, thereby reducing engine wear. However, an aging and dirty third filter will block passage of oil, prevent normal air intake and cause insufficient fuel combustion, resulting in reduced engine power and increased fuel consumption. Therefore, if car owners want to save fuel, they should change three filters regularly.

4. Empty trunk

Many car owners are accustomed to putting things in trunk for convenience, but do not know that this habit puts extra stress on engine. According to statistics, every 100 kg increase in vehicle load increases fuel consumption by 4.4%, so try to empty trunk as much as possible.

5. Tires must be fully inflated

Insufficient air pressure increases friction between tire and ground and increases fuel consumption, so check your tire pressure frequently. Also, if tires are badly worn, skidding will occur and fuel consumption will increase, so tires should be replaced if necessary. Statistics show that under-inflated tires increase fuel consumption by 15% and tire life is also reduced by 15% or more.

6. Keep your car safe

The shape and streamlining of car body is not only for aesthetics, but also closely related to avoid wind resistance. After an accident, a dent appears on car body, even if it is a small area, if it cannot be repaired in time, it is not not only affect overall appearance, but also damage car body. The streamlined shape is improved, wind resistance is increased, and fuel consumption is also affected.

How to keep car will be more economical? Teach you fuel saving tips

Summary: Car owners should never think about saving money on maintenance. They should pay attention to maintenance of their car. Regular maintenance can not only ensure that your car does not lose chain at critical times, but also ensure maximum fuel economy.