Car interiors are exquisite, sit back and see what you can do!

When we choose a car, its appearance is of course important, and sitting in car is what we really like. Therefore, a good car should not only be excellent in design, but also in terms of interior materials. also pay attention to this. Next, editor will put everyone in car to see what materials are used in cabin!

Dashboard Articles

With increase in interior design styles, materials used in dashboard have also become diverse. While ensuring beauty, it is also necessary to consider safety and environmental protection of materials. Next, editor will analyze current situation for you Some basic materials in center console part of market.


ABS plastic is lowest cost material among interior materials and also one of main components of interior materials, but it has characteristics of wear resistance, high impact resistance, good flexibility and relatively good taste. Small, so many economical and practical models will choose this material, but disadvantages of ABS plastic are also obvious, although many manufacturers prefer to use PU leather texture to improve center console material, but sense of class is still relatively low.

Car interiors are exquisite, sit back and see what you can do!

Slush molding process

Schlashforming is not name of a material, but a plastic processing process. It heats up a plastic (plastic sol) and pours it into an appropriate mold for shaping. It is lightweight and has good thermal insulation. production speed is fast, and its texture is softer than plastic, which can also improve texture of interior, and can also be made in a variety of colors, but disadvantage is that new car smells relatively large, and materials used are different from size of taste. This is also related, so different countries strictly control volatile gases and odors inside, such as VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) certification, etc. will strictly control odor and toxicity of volatile substances. in interior.

Car interiors are exquisite, sit back and see what you can do!

Leather/Genuine leather

Leather-stitched interior materials usually appear in interior of luxury cars. Now, many interiors with casting imitate stitching process with leather-wrapped dashboard, and different models and positioning of leather. It can be divided into two types: leather and genuine leather. Leather - synthetic material, so it has a lot of chemical components, and volatile gases are easily released at high temperatures, while smell of genuine leather is relatively small and not harsh. The texture is uncontrolled, so production cost is greatly increased.

Car interiors are exquisite, sit back and see what you can do!

Seat references

The material of seat can directly affect driving experience, so many brands have done a good job of choosing material of seat. There are now three main materials for car seats: fabric, leather, and real leather. , These three materials have their own advantages, and can also be used as a guide when choosing a model.

Fabric seat

Many people think that cloth seats are cheap, but they are not. Since material value of fabric is low, most of them are used in budget models, but there are also expensive cars, and even luxury models. , The seat material is "Leather + Fabric", because fabric itself has very good breathability and is not affected by temperature, so it can bring people more comfort, but fabric seats are very difficult to clean and durable Security is not very good, need to think more when choice of seats made of light fabric.

Car interiors are exquisite, sit back and see what you can do!

Imitation leather seat

Artificial leather chairs can also be divided into many types. The most common faux leather material is leather, which is also most common seat material. The type of leather is basically faux leather, which is almost as durable as genuine leather. same, and cost is low, and texture is also very close to natural leather, but because it is a chemically synthesized material, its peculiar smell is also relatively large.

Car interiors are exquisite, sit back and see what you can do!

The Alcantara material we still see on high-end models is actually a type of faux leather. As a rule, this is a composite material consisting of 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane. heat resistance is very strong, so production cost is even more expensive than genuine leather.

Car interiors are exquisite, sit back and see what you can do!

Leather seats

Leather seats are a favorite of many luxury brand car seats. Firstly, class of leather seats is relatively high, and secondly, they are more flexible, so it is more comfortable to sit on them. Various brands also choose leather. seat. Material selection and technical improvement, such as famous Nappa leather is treated with bovine leather, texture is smooth and soft, and texture can be changed according to different needs to further improve quality; but genuine leather care is relatively expensive, and damage resistance is not as strong as first two materials, so if you want a perfect driving experience, you will have to pay more to take care of it.

Car interiors are exquisite, sit back and see what you can do!

Write at end

In fact, when it comes to interior materials, each brand has worked hard to design and develop them. With increase in variety of interior materials, it can not only guarantee cost, but also ensure comfort and safety for passengers. flowing in an endless stream, and it is believed that gap in quality of interior in near future will become smaller and smaller.