How to properly service your car

Car maintenance is related to life of car and is very important. What are correct car maintenance practices? Let's look at relevant content together.

1. Engine oil maintenance

If engine is heart of car, then engine oil is its blood. Typically, a car is changed every 5,000 kilometers, or every six months, while fully synthetic motor oil is usually changed every 10,000 kilometers, or once a year.

I don’t know in advance if you have experience in servicing, if 4S store staff deceived you by asking you to do maintenance before maintenance time came, in fact it is completely unnecessary, it’s just a waste of money, choosing a motor replacement oil is mainly based on engine requirements and usage conditions. Don't choose most expensive one, choose only right one. If selected grade of engine oil is not suitable for engine, it will lead to serious consequences such as insufficient engine lubrication, abnormal noise and engine oil burning.

When changing engine oil, be sure to drain old engine oil before adding new engine oil. Adding new engine oil without draining it will contaminate new engine oil and reduce lubricity of new engine oil.

How to properly service your car

2. Gear oil maintenance

Transmission oil plays role of lubricating and extending service life of transmission device. Transmission oil is divided into automatic transmission oil and manual transmission oil.

Manual transmission oil is typically changed every two years or 60,000 kilometers, while automatic transmission oil is changed every 60,000 to 120,000 kilometers.

How to properly service your car

3. Air filter

The air filter element is used as an engine mask. If air filter element is too dirty, it will inevitably affect air circulation, reduce air consumption of engine, and cause power loss.

The air filter replacement cycle is 1 year or 10,000 km and may vary depending on vehicle's operating conditions.

How to properly service your car

4. Petrol filter

The oil filter element is an admixture in fuel of filter material. The replacement cycle of built-in gasoline filter element is usually 5 years or 100,000 km, and replacement cycle of external gasoline filter element is 2 years. .