Don't forget to fix your car after holiday

After returning from a long vacation, car will inevitably "scratch". Long-distance travel, rain and wind, as well as various difficult road conditions will have a certain impact on use of car. A private car detective reminds that car maintenance after festival is easier than before festival, and it is enough to complete four steps "cleaning, inspecting, refining and repairing".

Body wash

After a long-distance trip during a vacation, sand and dust are easily accumulated in back of a car, and there will be a lot of dust on it. At end of a long vacation, first thing to do is to clean exterior of car to remove any traces of dust, dirt, etc. stuck to the car's paint.

Don't forget to fix your car after holiday

Treat minor injuries

Bumps and bumps are often indispensable when going out and driving. Although some small scratches or small pits will not cause too much damage to car, they are still unaesthetic. After a long time, it is easy for body to rust and even cause some damage Predisposing factors damage to small parts.

Don't forget to fix your car after holiday

Check chassis

While visiting relatives and friends during a long vacation, you may go to places you are not familiar with or often visit, difficult road conditions may cause minor scratches on car chassis, so it is necessary to check chassis after trip.

Professional restoration

Some things that are destined to become unrepairable can also be determined by feel, such as whether there is a deviation, whether there is an abnormal noise while driving, whether there is shaking of steering wheel and engine, etc., so that problem can be detected. be presented to staff on time when they are going to check Pass proficiency testing.

Don't forget to fix your car after holiday

Stop car

During a long holiday, some vehicles still stop. If vehicle is not used for a long time, surface appears to have no wear. In fact, long-term parking will worsen the condition. engine oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, etc.